Yesterday Routine (Essay Sample)

Yesterday routine

As the saying goes, yesterdays are memories in that once the time is gone it will never be recovered. How we spend our day and what we do count each day and it marks a great difference in our yesterdays. In the present, we might not think about our past, but when we reflect carefully, we realize that we could have done things in a better way.  Hence, yesterday guides our tomorrow.  That is why a value how I spend my day by being more productive. Yesterday I woke up at 6 a.m and did my daily routine of brushing my teeth, taking a shower and taking my normal breakfast before taking off to my daily work routine.

Yesterday’s topic was significant because infection was becoming common among preschool children in my school. My topic for the day was about a simple care routine. As part of my presentation involved emphasizing on hygiene and safety as part of their daily routine. I focused on the simplest activities that every child could easily participate and have fun by learning hand washing skills. I choose washing hands to show children at an early age how to prevent infection from entering their body.

The outcome of the lesson was to teach children in my class to wash their hands properly and how they could take care of their health. I believe that infection is passed through the hands. Therefore, the main emphasis was to wash hands before eating any food. What inspired me to teach care routine was to ensure that most of the children in my class would not miss school for being sick. I believe that preventing germs from entering the children’s bodies.

During my lesson I had a jug full of warm water, I had a dry towel and soap. I gave out instructions to every child on how to wash their hands properly. I pinned up a picture of a child washing her hands that had instructions on how the wash hands and when to wash hands. The colored picture was the main attraction in class; everyone gathered around the picture to look at what the child was doing. After looking at the picture, I started the demonstration by teaching children the four main steps of washing hands. The first step was to get the hands wet and soapy, after that by putting soap on their hands. After that, I rubbed the soap on my hands long enough. I also showed them the importance of cleaning their palms, the back of the hands and between their fingers. I reminded the children also to clean under their nails to remove the dirt and the germs. After that, the next step was to rinse the hands using clean running water by rubbing the hands while rinsing.  After rinsing, the hands let the hands dry before drying them completely using a towel.

Everyone followed the four steps of washing hands and promised to make it a routine. However, many of them still needed to be assisted to reach the sink. I urged them to ask their siblings and parents to help them in washing their hands; this would also enable the adults to participate in the activity by helping the child. One of the important points I wanted to pass that day was to stay healthy by washing hands before every meal and after visiting the toilet. The above activities formed part of my yesterday routine. Like other preschool teachers, it is my duty to ensure that children learn from an early age how to prevent infection.

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