Writing Cause and Effect Essay Outline

Writing Cause and Effect Essay Outline

The outline helps to organize the work simplifies the writing process.  Time spent arranging the outline will result in time saved writing an essay. The outline also helps to convince the writer that the thesis statements are strong enough and worth of taken position. Preparing an outline it is necessary to have a clear thesis statement and actual data from trustworthy sources to support your stand.

The outline of the essay is the frame of your work. It can be performed in the form of diagram of the main points or a point form. These points give you opportunity to evaluate the basic ideas of an essay, to confirm the logic of your position; to detect strong thesis statements and those that are inappropriate for this essay writing; to reveal a relationship of the events. Constructing a diagram it means simply construct the arrows with the proper directional systems between main topics. The idea is to lay down outline in a frame that is simple and very easy to comprehend.

The framework of a cause and effect essay includes the following sections:

  • An interesting topic concentrated on events relation and keeps focusing your thoughts on general idea.

  • An introduction with a clear, brief and strong thesis statement.

  • An emphasized three or more points that are explain or prove thesis statement.

  • At least three body paragraphs based on three main points.

  • A maintenance of the body paragraphs with truthful supporting information and samples.

  • A conclusion that ties all the events together.

Emphasize your Writing Style

Begin by deciding your essay structure. An essay can be created with many effects caused by one thing, with one effect caused by many things or as chain reaction of causes-effects relations. Choose if you are going to write about cause or effects or vice versa.
Examine the causes and effects that you want to prove and do more research to find strong evidence that will support your stand.

Proceed by reading and brainstorming causes and effects so you can pick up the best topics to include it in an essay. Write a thesis that should state the relationship you plan to prove in your essay. Place this thesis into introduction.

Write down possible ideas for main topics that support the statement. There usually three to five main topics are needed to make a strong argument. These will be the main points in your outline structure.

Essay Writing

Outline Writing Details

Arrange and re-arrange these outline major topics in a reasonable logical order that will relate events. For example, in a case of private automobile, the first major topic may be information on effects of air pollution or insecurity of the street.  The second major topic could include current issues and statistics on exploding of the roads and cities, and the third major topic could explain how the privet automobile is crowd out real means of transport and grow gap between rich and poor. Remove any topics that aren’t strong enough and relevant to the thesis statement.

List your supporting details in point form under the first topic. Write a sentence leading into the next paragraph. Add your next statement and start another paragraph. List your sub-points of statement. You may add a lead into the next paragraph. Repeat the structure for the third cause and effect relations.

Assign Roman numerals to each major topic and Arabic numerals to some sub-point if needed. You may rename major topics as well to make them clear and brief. Placing numerals and creating topic makes it easier to identify the information that supports thesis statement.

Finally, insert a conclusion beneath your points tying all the paragraphs together. And here it is an essay outline with an introduction, main topics with point form causes or effects beneath each topic and a conclusion.

Example of outline for a cause-and-effect essay about Fast Food Popularity and Danger it is caused.

  I. Thesis: Fast food is dangerous.

A. Changes of people food consumption from past to present and its effect.

II. Reasons why fast food has become so popular.

A. It is affordable.

i. It has lower price then healthy food.

ii. Fast food restaurants have appeared in large quantities all around the world.

B. Lifestyle.

i. There is no time for preparing the food because of working, kids, everyday duties etc.

ii. Young people come out to meet friends and at the same time eat together.

C. Modern Life.

i. Modern people spend their lives less time with family.

ii. New things, new places desire for change.

III. The fast food consumption has had serious effects.

A. Health.

i. Obesity.

ii. Some disease.

iii. Low energy.

B. Family.

i. Family is no longer gathering together over meal.

C. Economic effects.

i. Multinational companies own fast food, the chains are growing.

ii. New things are coming up developing of the segment.

IV. Fast food is always available and really helps to save the time….

…fast food also has a dangerous other side.

A. We need to look after our health in a future.

Once more make sure your outline is internally consistent and there is relation between the causes and effects. And you are about to start writing your essay.

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