How to Write a Process Essay?

A process essay tells a reader how something is done or how something works. When explaining how something is done, the audience should be able to follow the directions of the essay and do what is explained. In the case where the piece explains how something works, the reader does not do the process but rather understands the process after reading the entire paper. It is essentially how-to essay and leads the reader through the given task step-by-step. An excellent process essay takes the reader through the various steps without moving either too slowly or too fast as the reader may be new to the topic. The title of the essay should be informative to help the reader understand the kind of process that will be analyzed. Process essay writing involves a description of the process in a manner that leaves the reader with no questions.

Process essay outline states the facts and rules that one should follow when writing a process essay. The piece follows a process essay structure with an introduction, the main body and then the conclusion. Although every process is unique, the outline remains. The length of the essay depends on the complexity and the number of steps.

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The introduction is vital for an excellent process essay. Here, the author shows the aim of the process without going into many details. The introduction provides that background information about the topic. It is important to state the meaning of the process and how it can be applied in everyday life so that the reader can gain interest in the essay. All the definitions that need clarification are stated here in the introduction. They include key terms that will be used in the essay. When the application of the process is outlined clearly, the reader knows where to apply the knowledge, and this helps the reader determine whether or not to continue with the rest of the essay. The thesis statement always comes at the end of the introduction. It is usually one to two sentences long and highlights what the essay will discuss.

The body outlines how to carry the procedure. Here, the writer introduces the step-by-step process that needs to be done. It is critical to list all the material and equipment that the reader should have to go through the steps. The writer should be familiar with the process so that all the necessary details are included in the essay in the correct order. It is important to break each process into various subsections to make each step clear. Each step should have its specific purpose so that the reader can understand easily. Additionally, the procedures should be in a logical manner with one paragraph for each stage. Each step should be explained carefully and exhaustively so that the audience comprehend the action. Also, the difficulties that the readers is likely to encounter through every step should be included. Since the essay follows a certain time order, time order transitions are used extensively. The transitions need correct punctuation. They assist in marking the steps so that the readers can follow the steps much more quickly. For example, to begin with, next, before you move to the next level, finally, conclusively among other transitions.


The conclusion reminds the audience the problem and the solution. It needs to be concise and to the point. It should talk about the main result. Readers should know how the result will be like and what to do with the result. It also reinstates the thesis and enforces the significance of the procedure. Readers should feel that they have accomplished after the end of the process. The conclusion may sometimes warn the audience about the risks involved when someone does not follow the steps correctly. It can also offer recommendations on how to deal with particular difficulties involved in the process.

The process essay format varies depending on the subject covered and the requirements of the paper. It could be APA, MLA, AMA or Chicago/Turabian. The most important thing is that the format chosen should be consistently used throughout the essay. The title, fonts, spacing, numbering and references should be according to the given format. In the case you need process essay help, you can always look for a custom process essay and check how the essay has been done. Custom essays will help in showing how certain topics have been done which acts as a good reference point.

There are many process essay topics that someone can write on. They include:

  1. How to wear makeup appropriately
  2. How to play baseball
  3. How to use Social Media constructively
  4. How to get over a breakup
  5. How to cook pizza
  6. How to boost self-esteem
  7. How to purchase an item on e-bay
  8. What to avoid during a job interview.
  9. How an airplane works
  10. How search engines work
  11. How to get out of debt
  12. How to prepare an excellent presentation
  13. How skyscrapers are built.
  14. How electric trains work.
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