How to Write a Personal Essay?

How to Write a Personal Essay?

A personal essay is an article developed for the sole purpose of revealing an author’s personality within a certain field. In other words, the author of such an essay is required to incorporate his personal experiences and history that are vital for the specified reason of the essay. When essayists decide to develop content and write for a living, they in most cases compose personal essay writings or in other words literary essays. The two terms, personal essays and literary essays are consequently used interchangeably since both of them are required in capturing the outlines and what to write in the article’s main body and the conclusion. In developing effective custom personal essays, it is essential to consider choosing a personal essay topic since the audience or the readers have full expectations that the voice they hear in the costumed personal essay is that of the author’s autobiographical tone. Some of the personal essay topics that would be used in the development of an effective essay include the following:

  1. The ambitions of your life
  2. The impact you have made in the society
  3. Failures you have experienced in life
  4. Your ambitions in life
  5. Some of the difficult choices you have ever made
  6. The best way to spend your holidays
  7. Some of the things you miss in life
  8. A decision that you regret making in life
  9. The proudest moments you have had in life
  10. How the world would be after a period of a hundred years.

The first step in the process remains in developing a personal essay outline that is meant to guide the process of writing, especially in developing the essays personal statement. The outline of a personal essay consists of an introduction, body of the essay, and lastly the conclusion.


Personal Essay Format

 In as much as the author of the essay may be tempted to get into the narrative by stating his/her accomplishments early, it is important to begin by establishing the reasons why the institution one is making an application to attract your interest. On the other hand, the author needs to determine the reasons he/she considers himself/herself a candidate for such a position. In this case, it is essential to note that the opening paragraph needs not to be extensive, but should be precise in sketching out the author’s view such as maturity, confidence, and talent in the venture. However, in the introduction, it is necessary to define yourself in a succinct manner as detailed in the personal essay structure.

The Body of the Essay: Personal Statement: The Past

In this paragraph, it is important to put your best foot forward in developing a personal statement that should not only be egotistical but modest. This is attributed to the fact that the readers are prone to look for reasons to stop reading your personal essay, an aspect that requires an author to make use of all the ammunitions in convincing the readers to move on. When writing about your experiences, education, and employment backgrounds, there is a need to put emphasis on the activities that shaped you as an individual and illustrate the value of your work experiences and education in developing yourself.

The Body of the Essay’s Personal Statement: Current

In this paragraph, it is important to present yourself as you are currently, thus stressing the qualities that are held by an author that include intellectual curiosity, confidence, and maturity, including the author’s determination to achieve success. In other words, this section of the personal essay needs to respond to the following questions: who you are currently and why?

The Body of the Essays Personal Statement: The Future

In one or two paragraphs, the author may opt to present a positive forecast on an individual’s future development in accordance to the particular profession or career the author may be interested in pursuing. This details the author’s idea about the future of visualizing his/her professional identity over a period to determine his/her determination and vision. It is in this paragraph that the author may choose to address the following concerns: how will the institutions being pursued be important in achieving your career goals? What are some of the factors you hope and anticipate to achieve? What are some of your individual goals? How do you view yourself in the next ten years or so?

The Essays Concluding Paragraph

After drawing focus in your future, you may opt to end your personal essay on a visionary note. In this case, a brief conclusion will be substantial in summarizing the author’s views, an aspect that would benefit the readers since they will be in a position to determine the author’s past accomplishments, present sense of identity, and the author’s future goals. It is, however, essential to consider that that the draft of your personal essay, there is a need to prune it to remain with the relevant points. It is additionally necessary to edit your work in a bid to ensure that the sentences are declarative and concise. It is essential to seek personal essay help from different materials available in libraries in order to enhance one’s writing skills.

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