Women Security (Essay Sample)

Women Security

It is no secret that women and children are the most vulnerable especially during times of war and other global fatalities. Violence against women is indeed a topic that warrants global attention because it has become too prevalent. All over the world, cases of women getting raped, suffering because of war, domestic violence, trafficking, or any other self-deprecating harmful practices, for example, female genital mutilation, have become common in the world. Despite the world leaders’ reassurances that the world is safe, millions of women feel unsafe and find calls for peace laughable. Some women have stories that are incredibly overwhelming but the strength in most of them is indeed moving. It is often said that if you educate a woman you educate an entire community. The above statement is indeed true and only helps to emphasize the importance of protecting women in the society. The impacts of violence against women often ripples across the families, societies, and the world. Women are fragile beings and their security should not be negotiable. It should be the responsibility of the government to protect women against any cases of violence directed at them. I empathize with the victims of women insecurity and in this article I will make a case for women security.

First of all, women give life and are the sweetest and most loving beings in the world. Every mother in the world wants to see their children succeed and regardless of the deficiencies a child might have, mothers always find a way to love and care for them. Through women, we all have the opportunity to live our lives and pursue our dreams. The same way we exhume passion and energy when fighting against deforestation is the same way, and much more, we should vouch for women security. We fight and protect nature because through its complex systems we are able to live and use the resources around us. Women are just as essential to us and therefore, we should respect and always seek to protect them.

Women are just as important and equal in everything to men. The law and the constitution explicitly says that everyone has the right to life as well as freedom from oppression. The law clearly protects women from any form of violence and it does not deem the value of a woman to be any less than that of a man. Every life is valuable and should, therefore, be protected. In some cultures, particularly in some primitive and retrogressive African traditions, women should be subjects to the wishes and demands of men. However, the world has moved from such primitive laws and women should indeed be regarded as equals to men.

Finally, I advocate for women security because women have also shown competency in leadership, something that was considered manly. One good example, is the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. Merkel has been Germany’s Chancellor since 2005 and her leadership has been exceptional. Currently, many women hold the highest possible offices in organizations and the yearly reports show that the world does indeed need women around.

In conclusion, protecting women is indeed essential. Barring the fact that women give life and their excellence in leadership roles, women are people as well and they feel the same pain men feel. Treating women right and protecting them should never be overlooked and the ripple effects will indeed be evident in the society and the world at large.

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