Women In The Military (Speech Sample)

Women in the Military

In a world where men rule, women are oftentimes told to keep silent, to act decently and to never fight back. Surprisingly, they are told these things even by the same sex, other women who are ignorant of the strength that is inside every female individual created in this world. Women are said to be the weaker sex and yet in truth they are the most resilient, strongest and most intellectual beings you’ll see here on Earth. They are versatile and moral. There’s a saying which goes that “for every successful man there is a woman behind him”- Anon. Nonetheless, more and more women are suffering harm, treated like objects and hurt physically or emotionally. The wise ones easily realize that it is time to fight back and to stand against any form of oppression. The foolish ones accept their status and would never do anything to get out of horrifying situations, they keep silent even until their death. Abusive men will never stop at one slap or one beating, they will continue until women do something about it. In the past, everyone could clearly see that world leaders are all made up of men but now in the present, more women are elected in the congress fighting for what is just and right, maintaining balance in a world where the macho and male species rule. Every woman deserves to fight and a fair chance in life. Some men treat women like trash and only use them for their intents and purposes. However, there are men who knows how to respect women, and revere them with all their hearts and mind. They know the value of the female species and believe that they were all created equal to men. They deserve to be loved and respected. For many years, women empowerment have been growing in numbers, more organizations that cater to the needs of women have been strengthened and upheld. Some of these strong women like Joan of Arc, former Vice-President Hilary Clinton and the wife of former President Obama have been in the forefront of women’s rights. Women like Rosa Parks, Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth I, Deborah of the Bible. These are the strongest women I know. In the present time, one of the avenues where women could show their bravery is through the military and the police force. More women have enlisted in the past years to be trained as combatants ready for any type of battle. They are prepared to face any time of war or threat in order to protect the people and to save lives. These women in the military are not only strong physically but also intellectually. They know how to keep confidential matters and follow orders strictly to the letter. Some women in the military become Marines, others Navy or the Airforce. There are many stories of women empowerment in the military and the trainings are all difficult and complicated. These hard core trainings not only determine the agility or skills of a woman but also the strong will. Some have failed and others with a resilient heart passed and succeeded. When the mind is set on the goal then surely no form of challenges or obstacles would hinder the person from achieving her calling in life. The other countries have also started recruiting women in their ranks. They could be assigned to delicate situations or operations which need a woman’s leadership and skills. In cases where children are involved in battles and wars, the government uses the military women to bring the children to a safe place and protect them.

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