Women are good managers (Essay/Paper Sample)

Women are good managers

Women are often termed as ‘the fair sex’ and ‘the weaker sex.’ While the two terms, ‘fair sex’ and ‘weaker sex’ could be a connotation for beauty and lack of physical strength respectively, this has nothing to do with women’s knowledge and management capabilities. Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Sonia Gandhi, and Angelina Jolie among other female leaders have performed exceptionally well as managers in their various sectors and professions. This paper briefly examines why women are generally better managers than men.

Among the reasons why women make better managers as compared to men is their ability to effectively engage employees. Women are known to be highly emotional individuals, and they tend to use this feature to their advantage when in management positions. Women can effectively react to information regarding employees’ situations, resulting in the employee feeling valued and respected. If, for instance, an employee is bereaved, the female manager will really feel it and will accord the employee necessary help. In times of happiness such as an employee whose child is graduating or is having a wedding, the female manager is often personally touched and will participate significantly in sharing the joy. This makes employees to feel highly valued. Consequently, their productivity is boosted. If there is a problem, the female manager will bring concerned parties together and talk to them in a rather ‘motherly’ manner resulting in reconciliation. For work-related problems, a female boss will consult widely and apply wisdom and knowledge to solve the problem.

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Men, on the other hand, are considered less emotional and their decisions are mostly based on established channels. Men are not particularly active when it comes to welfare issues, such as baby shower parties and other small aspects that matter to individual employees. While such matters may be considered insignificant in a company’s operations, when a manager shows concern and participates, the employee feels loved and his or her morale is boosted. The feeling that the organization’s management values an employee results in increased production. It is also in this regard that employees working under a female boss will most likely feel that their boss encourages their development. Women are known to cultivate the potential that they see in other people by encouraging them to pursue such potential.

As women are generally more engaging than men, they are more likely to stop at an employee’s desk, have a candid chat with the employee and ask them about their individual progress not only at work but also about family matters. For instance, a female boss might be more interested in finding out how an employee’s children are performing at school, or how the wife or husband is doing. A personal bond of friendship is thus established between a female boss and an employee working under her. Furthermore, female bosses are fast to give praise and to recognize good work and effort made by employees.

Women are also known to be patient and more understanding than men. However, their determination is also evident when it comes to implementation of policies. Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F) managing director and Julia Gillard, former Australian Prime Minister, and Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State, are examples of how women can competently ensure through determination, that policies are implemented. Women are candid and uphold transparency. Christine Lagarde, for instance, was recently accused of misusing her power while holding a public office in France some years ago. She came back to France and told the whole truth with no consideration of the consequences. Employees usually believe in such a boss, and will work to ensure she is happy with their results. They will also strive to tell the truth, emulating her as a role model.

In conclusion, women make better leaders than men. This paper has focused on the engagement ability of female bosses that makes the employees fell valued. The understanding and emotional aspect of women, and their tendencies to infuse ‘motherly’ features in management make them better managers than men.

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