Without Education (Essay Sample)

Without education

The competitive world has made it thin and slim to succeed without education. Education is a vital weapon to conquer the world. The competitive market dynamics prove it difficult and strenuous for individuals without education. The right to acquire free and quality education is enshrined in the Constitution. It is the most basic critical aspect of a person’s life. Primarily, education is essential just like air and food. Education is the most fundamental aspect of a successful person and a healthy mind. The move to eradicate extreme poverty in the society is a significant campaign seeking to improve the living standards of people in the community. Without education, no progress can be realized in life. Illiteracy is associated with backwardness. Critical decision-making processes are founded on education and whatever we had gathered from the previous knowledge and experience. Precisely, life without education is imprisonment and intolerable. Literacy is the primary foundation upon which successful life is established. Handling social challenges and problems need proper education and literacy.

The industrial revolution and increased technological advancement in the society have created the extreme necessity for primary education. Without education, survival is harsh and tiresome. Education enables people to get lucrative opportunities in various firms and organizations. Through formal education, people are capable of thinking and working properly critically. Precisely, various opportunities are presented to people with better education and professional qualification. Moreover, education makes people live with a strong sense of pride.  Precisely, people need the education to make more money for better living standards and have more freedom in life. These basics prospects of life are readily achieved through education. Without education, life is in vain and absolute desperation.

Education provides learners with soft skills that prepare them mentally for the social issues and discords. It the economic foundation of the society leading to wealth creation, social prosperity as well as political instability. Coping with illiterate people in the society is challenging as they have little understanding of social issues. A healthy society is maintained through higher education. However, without education, there are poor hygiene and sanitation standards in the society. Extreme deficits of educated people in the community are the major impetus of violent and criminal activities. The committed government should focus on eradicating illiteracy in the society. Incentives and moral support should be given to learners to enable them to work hard and gain more knowledge to solve societal feuds. Moreover, without education, there is disloyalty. Educated individuals enjoy utmost respects among the colleagues. Hardly do uneducated people command loyalty, despite the wealth and resources they control. Apparently, innovations and discoveries in the society are attributed to the educated group. Similarly, the rising demands of the contemporary society require tertiary education. It is worth to sacrifice money and time to acquire better education and skills since it is the primary passport for better living standard and prosperous life.

Essentially, education enables people to understand themselves as well as the society. Without education, it is tricky and expensive to navigate some contemporary issues in the society. Formal education equips the students with relevant skills necessary for effective participation in the societal development. Besides, without education, the cultural identity of the community may fade. Precisely, education helps in the distribution of cultural values and ethics to the new generation. Uneducated society despises the tradition and religious myths and conceptions. Traditional values and norms are essential aspects of identity. In conclusion, the modern society has perceived education as basic and essential human rights. Access to better and quality education is entitled to everybody. Unequal distribution of education to people in the society is detrimental to human rights. Life without education is harsh and challenging particularly in the modern society. The government should play a better role to distribute education to all members of the society.

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