Windy Day (Essay Sample)

Wind comes with varied speed in an area and depending on different factors. For instance, the wind is likely to be at high speed in a bare land without trees. Some regions also experience high speeds of wind compared to others. The Wind blows hard as trees bend over. Some trees which are weak and unable to sustain the speed of wind break off their branches. People walking around get the effects of wind too; hats are blown off from heads, papers are blown to the sky, and sometimes it becomes hard to walk. Everyone should be aware that strong winds are dangerous to lives and property. There are activities people can take part in on a windy day while avoiding others.

A windy day can be good to get involved in fun activities with kids such as watching the swaying of tree branches, movement of clouds, running towards and away from the direction of wind to feel the different effects, blowing bubbles, watching the surfaces of water bodies to see the effects of wind and also listening to sound of blowing tree leaves. All these activities can be a source of fun to kids and also help parents play with their children. However, there are other activities that can be dangerous to carry out on a windy day.

A windy day is not the favorable one to start a fire in open space or areas near forests, especially during summer seasons. Most of the big forest fires around the world happen when weather temperatures are high and very windy. The wind facilitates fast spreading of fire to uncontrollable states. One has to observe the state of wind before starting an open fire at least to avoid dealing with consequences.

It is dangerous to be high above the ground surface such as inspecting the leaking roof on a windy day. The winds can be very strong and blow away the roof while one still in the process of checking the leakages. This can either result in severe injuries or sometimes death depending on the strength of the wind. It is therefore advisable to follow-up on weather updates and ensure it will be calm before undertaking some activities that are above the ground surface.

The many children games can be fun on a windy day as discussed above. However, it is necessary to be careful with some games such as flying kites. The children are likely to be at risk if they fly the kites while the winds get stronger. They will endanger their lives and parents are likely to find themselves in tough situations of violating airspace rules. Being updated on weather forecast is necessary to avoid such ugly instances.

Playing golf on a windy day is likely to be a bad idea. The golf game will not likely proceed as usual because the wind has the effect of preventing smooth movement of the ball. Injuries are also likely to be high resulting from the uncomfortable playing of the game. It is wise enough to check out on a calm day for a perfect golf game.

In addition, it is dangerous to have a walk or leisure on the beach on a windy day. Winds are likely to blow the sand which can cover the whole body or sometimes result in rising levels of water that sweeps the whole beach. No one wishes to be found in such instances as a result of natural phenomenon.

A windy day can be a good opportunity to have fun and especially with young children but again taking caution is necessary for safety purposes. Following up on reliable weather forecasts is necessary when planning for the activities of the day.

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