Why We Need A Government (Essay Sample)

Why we need a government

A government is an organized system, whereby a group of individuals is given the responsibility to act on behalf of the citizens to maintain peaceful coexistence. A government is necessary because it is an organized system of leadership that is needed in any society. Once people live together in a larger community that comprises of more than just the extended families, a government is important to handle the evolving nature of their existence. A government can facilitate various processes on behalf of the citizens by helping different communities to resolve conflicts and promote peace among its citizens hence, limits disruption. A government also facilitates several processes that benefit the entire community.

To some point, even in a group of few individuals, there is a need for a formal cooperative organization because many issues are likely y to crop up that needs to be resolved amicably. Several developmental agendas can be addressed hence, its ideal for a group of individual to lead such initiatives. Therefore, some form of an agreed leadership system with well-defined types of authority is needed to enable communities to achieve their developmental goals.

The government is important because they protect citizen rights and can provide better economic gains that cannot be realized by an individual or private sector.  Humans need well-structured systems to promote peace; laws are important because it defines the behavior of citizens, which a can only be affected by a well-organized government. Through the government, citizens are aware of their rights and those who fail to live by the set laws are punished. Various formal structures within the government like the police and judicial system resort peace and order in the community. Crimes like theft, arson, and murder are prevented or condemned through punishment. The government is given the responsibility to protect its citizens from any harm and apprehend perpetrators.

The government is needed because it promotes harmony, justice, and equality. When the police department enforces laws, crimes are solved in collaboration with the judicial branch of the government. The perpetrators are given a chance to a fair trial in court. In any society, a government is necessary because people have the chance to present their grievances and cases solved whereby the right person is punished after a fair trial. The government is needed because it facilitates different development activities like buildings, roads, rail, airport, and other important infrastructures. Such infrastructure is important because it promotes economic growth within regional countries; businesses are boosted by the government by providing basic services to its citizens.

A good government offers the public access to basic services at a subsidized rate. A government is necessary because, through taxes, the society benefits from several developmental projects like the building of the public school, roads, bridges and offering welfare assistances among the many essential basic services. A government is important because citizens are assured of protection from external invasion. The government has an active army with the responsibility to offer security. The military forces defend the country’s entireties from acts of terrors. The security forces protect the country from lawnesses, organized crimes, and otter deadly security threats. Government facilitates the growth of a country by fostering international relations with neighboring countries.

In the globalization era, government plays key roles because the government forms regional partnerships to promote region business and engage in international activities for the future prosperity of the country. The essential government is needed because they act as a formal mechanism whereby people agree upon shared rules and engage in cooperative actions that benefit the whole community but not individuals.

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