Why We Crave Horror Movies (Essay Sample)

Horror is one the world’s famous genre in literature and in arts. The story gives people the chill and shocked them as they tried to read or watch a horror theme art. In our modern times horror genre is very interesting to observe in visual terms and so we have now what we call “Horror Movies”. In our years our ancestors have already believed on many unusual things like spirits in the wild, unknown entities lurking in the dark, creatures like monsters and ghost which were, for some, are real and for some are just imagination. As years gone by, improvements in costumes and visual effects can be seen in the movies in hope of giving the people the chills as they watch the movie. But the question remains the same, why we people crave for horror movies?

In my opinion there are some factors that affects us on why some of us likes to watch horror movies. One is because human being have different sort of feelings and horror brought us the sensation of being shocked, scared and have fear, because normally in our daily lives we hardly get the feeling of being shocked and scared due to paranormal activities because we are too busy. In general my point is that we humans crave horror movies to satisfy our emotional needs to able to balance things off because in the improvement of our daily lives such horror ideas are or hardly be imagined that’s why when a certain horror movie that is not mainstream idea is really a hit. Addition to this idea, is that due to scientific improvements and discoveries some stories and myths were already resolved causing us to have less stress and fear about those things but the problem is involve in our psychological side because we forgot the instincts that we use when we are scared. At one point human should have still understand that even fear have positive side on our daily living.

Another idea that I may suggest on why we crave horror movies is basically, humans have a long tradition on ghost or scary stories that have been passed on generations and even written on books, in order to propagate and expound the idea of the stories is was adopted in the films to give life on scary creatures defining what do they look like, how to they eat or live and other things that some of us are curious to understand. My idea on this one is that we truly appreciate things through illustrations and therefore, movies are bound to create a special effect to make the monster or any character as vicious and scary as it could be.

Aside from the things stated above, one idea is that people are naturally curious and loves mystery and so horror movies offer the concepts like “who is the enemy?”,  “can the enemy be killed?” or “what will happen next?” through this approach we are getting hooked into watching horror movies. Through these various approach we tend to hold our breath and sometimes, even close our eyes because we cannot bare to see those things.

In conclusion, cravings for horror movies are personal interests of some of us, in which our reasons on why we love watching or seeing such genre is because of various reasons like the ones I stated here but definitely a lot of them are could their reasons on watching such movies.

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