Why Smoking Is Good For You (Essay Sample)

Why Smoking Is Good For You

Smoking entails burning of tobacco in a pipe or cigarette. Although most books say smoking is bad, opponents would disagree and claim it has many curing properties including assistance in living for long. Nowadays, people can be seen smoking every time and everywhere. However, smoking presents several positive bangs to the state and society at large. In this essay we will look into the reasons that make consumption of smoking good for humans.

Among the aspects that makes smoking benefit for human life is that smoking can be used for weight loss, this is because it is an appetite suppressant hence avoiding one from becoming obese. It is true people eat less when they smoke thus quitting smoking will prong weight gain. Researchers discovered how nicotine was able to constrain craving through the nerves of the brain resulting to evidence of the studies on how smoking of cigarettes correlates with weight loss. For people who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) a condition of colon and intestine, when they smoke it helps relieve their condition. Studies have shown that though it is unclear on how nicotine works, but it is therapeutic for patients who suffer inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Smokers are always buying packets of cigarettes continuously however surprisingly; they are saving themselves from knee replacement surgery. Results from a new study disclosed that people who smoked had lower chances of having a joint replacement surgery than the non-smokers. The evidence was mainly because knee replacement surgery was common for joggers and people who were obese thus excluding the smokers who are rarely joggers. In addition, nicotine was believed to help in restoring firm flexible tissue on the joints. The most fascinating discovered fact about Smoking is that it can boost concentration in case of long lasting stress such as in psychiatric patients.  This is because nicotine is termed useful for self-meditation hence helps revive patients from mood swings or lack of motivation. Experts claim that it is very addictive substance and when it enters the human body it results in interfering with the nerve system that ends up making a smoker feel relaxed.

Another astonishing finding about why smoking is good, is that it has positive effects on pregnancy. Preeclampsia, a deadly condition categorized by high blood pressure is less common for expectant mothers who smoke compared to those who do not.  This is because nicotine enters the bloodstream to calm the nerves hence regulating the blood pressure. People who smoke are less likely to suffer Parkinson’s, a disorder of the central nervous system that limits one’s movement. Studies reveal that nicotine has the power to shield the neurons. Smoking is believed to assist in solving memory problems, the patches of nicotine helps in regaining more than 50% of long term memory. The other benefit is that it supports the government in revenue generation. With high consumption of cigarettes, there is no doubt that the administration is earning a lot of money. Besides this, the employees who work at cigarette companies acquire huge salaries that assist in sustaining them. In addition businessmen earn a lot of money when they export cigarettes overseas.

No doctor would encourage patient to start smoking but with the benefits that come from smoking, it is convincing enough that nicotine contains some chemicals that have therapeutic benefits hence worth trying as long as one would avoid becoming an addict.

In conclusion, the above illustrations bring us to the conclusion that regardless of the health side effects that come along with smoking, there are numerous benefits that come along with smoking including health wise, economically and medically.

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