Why Movies Are Popular? (Essay Sample)

Movies are a form of visual communication that utilizes motion pictures to convey stories passed to people. There are different types of movies worldwide such as drama, action, horror, romance, fiction, animation, comedies and children’s movies. Movie lovers enjoy the full array due to diverse reasons, thereby making them popular.

Movies entertain people. Every individual requires a form of entertainment and enjoyment in life. Movies become go-to for this as they can make people relax when bored, tired or relieve stress after a tough day at work or school. Movies possess an enthusiastic energy encompassed in their comic value, mystery storylines, music and messages that divert people’s attention from daily worries and pressure, and instead rousing happiness and motivating them. Moreover, watching movies is a social event that brings family members and spouses together to relish and spend time together. Thus, they create a fun and open environment where people discuss the movies they watch, resulting in the relieving of pressures and making memories that evoke happiness.

People like movies because they teach and improve their knowledge. Different movies bring out various aspects of life such as diverse cultures, religions, history, language, and traditions of different people all over the world. These features educate and inform individuals on various cultures. Bibliographies of leaders and documentaries on the environment and nature teach people on the type of behavior and ideologies to emulate while developing their knowledge. Moreover, movies such as science fiction and educational-based movies promote creativity and improve people’s experience, thereby increasing people’s interests and eagerness to learn.

Movies meet the diverse interests and moods of people all over the world, thus, attracting a wider audience making them popular. Depending on individual interests and feelings, different types of movies such as animated, investigative, comedy and drama among others, align many people towards watching movies. For instance, movies entice profound readers of books and novels so that instead of reading books or comic books, they have an alternative to view a two-hour movie made from the novels and comic books. Additionally, nature and animal lovers do not have to visit animal parks and forests to enjoy nature as video documentaries on nature and animals fulfill these interests.

Movies are also popular because they depict realities people deal with in their daily lives. Various movies represent different angles of life such as corruption, injustice, love, pain, and morality that people can identify. For instance, a romantic movie gives heartbroken and lonely individuals hope that they would eventually find love. Moreover, through such movies, people draw inspiration and get solutions to pursue aspects such as success, and justice. For instance, movies portray how honesty and hard work, leads to success while showing how evil and corrupt persons end up losing and going to jail.

The advancement in technology has made movies famous. In previous years when movies were fairly popular, visiting movie theaters was not only a fancy affair but also an expensive one set aside for a particular group of people. However, with the numerous technological advances that have seen the introduction of DVDs and DVD players, TVs, and the internet where one can stream movies at a low cost, watching movies has become a cheaper affair accessible to more people. Moreover, technological advancements such as the use of computers have enhanced creativity in making of movies, by enabling them to become more realistic and entertaining, further attracting more viewers.

In conclusion, movies have become the most prevalent method of entertainment. Movies improve the audience knowledge, meets the diverse interests and moods of people and align themselves with people’s lives while technological advancement boosts their accessibility and creativity, thereby making them popular.

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