Why Is Plagiarism Unacceptable (Essay Sample)


Over the years, most academic institutions find it unusual for students to pass their home works that are made in a perfect shape. This means that their assignments were made perfectly, which is in contrast with their current academic performance at school. Teachers initially consider this scenario as a normal practice by students. In the plight of new technological advancements, academic institutions observe an unusual application made by students to accomplish their assignments. Upon thorough investigation, it was found out that students were guilty of committing plagiarized work. With the plight of technology, many students are accessing the internet as a way for them to gain more information available online. The action became a headache for academic institutions, causing a significant concern to their image as an operating educational facility.

Plagiarism is unacceptable because it is a practice wherein a person claims other individual’s works as their own. This is done when a person intends to obtain information in either a partial or wholly manner through any resource and then sourcing it as their own. In this case, the original author is at risk for having their license or professional practice to be compromised brought about by this particular misconduct. Any person who is caught plagiarizing the work of other individuals is at risk for being sued for a criminal offense. In this case, a person is guilty of committing an academic dishonesty because they were not responsible for providing an original and credible answer. Numerous products and literary artworks are at risk for being questioned due to the damages that can be caused by the criminal intent of an individual to copy the work of other individuals or groups.

Plagiarism is usually common to essays when students usually copy the content of the original works of the author and then reprinting it as their own. There is a certain piece of speech that constituted plagiarized works when the perpetrator translated the original content into another language so as to change the value of the work. Aside from written contexts, there are videos that are also plagiarized by other individuals. Copying videos and claiming it as their property are usually subjected to copyrights issues. In the music industry, several artists are strictly regulating their musical compositions and songs to prevent being copied by other amateur artists. Online articles are also the subject of plagiarized work when a blogger or publicists start to plagiarize the piece of other author’s article and then claim it as their property (Serviss, 2015).

How to prevent plagiarism? This is applied when one must have to create a literary piece of material that is made out of scratch. Originality plays an important role to effectively gain the trust of the reader as well as to let them cooperate with the initiative of the student or the person creating the reading material to detail sources that are credible. Citing sources are important to credit the authors who gave the ideas that help to improve the quality of the reading material. As a result, the quality of the reading material becomes highly reliable as well as to eliminate any issues of copied material. Ratifying existing punishments or legal sanctions for individuals committing plagiarism should be made in a firmer way such as increasing fines and having a longer stay in prisons.


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