Why I Want To Become A Seaman (Essay Sample)


Every person has their own dreams or ambitions in their adult lives. Each person dreamt of becoming somebody in the future that is in accordance to their visions in life. One example is working overseas inside a cruise, boat, or a ship. This is because there are certain factors that affect a person’s way of perceiving life as a process that impacts their personal and professional perspectives. Every individual always thought that working in any place while disregarding their assigned posts does not affect their interest towards their chosen profession. As a future professional, place and environment do not seem to matter because they are focused on a certain job position where they are going to apply their learned knowledge and skill.

I want to become a seaman because traveling around the world will lead you to great places that make a memorable journey into your life. As you render your service to clients and guests, you are also having a good time going to several places around the world. It is an opportunity to meet different cultures and places because encountering different nationalities will help you understand their belief and traditions. Every time that the ship or the cruise docks to different parts of the world, you are able to travel to one of the most beautiful places. It is different, lively, and gets a glimpse of leaving your mark in the area by means of taking a photograph. Today, a selfie is one of the most utilized documented by the modern society because it allows every person to take a picture of their own selves through their mobile phone devices after visiting a certain place.

Seaman is a position wherein a person is assigned to work on a ship, cruise, or a warship. All cruise or personnel at the ship will have the chance to travel the world. A person working on the ship can have the chance to explore the vastness of the oceans around the globe. Their ship will try to travel to various areas from one country to another on a weekly basis, depending on the travel time of their marine vehicle as well as the condition of the weather. Experiencing life at sea is a bizarre circumstance because you are able to reminisce your past memories back at home. Visiting numerous tourist destinations via maritime route makes you feel honored that you are taking part in a modernized way of navigating the seven seas.

A seaman can be generally working at the ship or a boat. However, there are numerous job skills that are applied by an employee who is assigned as a seaman. Several examples are cabin crew, entertainment star, customer service assistant, pantry personnel, cook, waiters, bartenders, mechanical engineers, security personnel, computer engineers, and managers. Basically, it is more of a hospitality industry exposure wherein one must have to deal with interacting with guests inside the ship or a cruise. The main goal is to provide a high-quality customer satisfaction towards guests and other seaman crew in the cruise or the ship while navigating the seas. Some sea personnel is able to work as medical staff, paramedics, and dental assistants to ensure that the health and safety of all guests and other crew on board are always safe while traveling overseas through a cruise or a large ship (Porter, 2016).


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