Why I Want To Be A Cop (Essay Sample)

Why I want to be a cop

Everyone wants to be a hero by serving people in their own ways. Many people show bravery by making a difference in their societies. I want to he a hero in my own way.  When growing up, I used to admire police officers because I used to see them helping old people cross the road ,giving out gifts during Easter holidays and talking to people in a friendly way . I wanted to do something I could be proud of and would positively impact on others.  A career as law enforcement officers was a perfect fit for me. Being a cop is rewarding in several ways, I get the respect from the community and also have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

I admire cops because they spend their time protecting people from any harm. They also serve the community in different ways.  They are not stuck behind the desk the whole day as some jobs would require.  Being a cop is great because you are motivated by working for something greater than they are. However, cops put their lives at risk because they are physically attacked.  At times, they are required to use force to restore peace, and in the process, they risk their lives , it is a dangerous profession that requires courage and determination. For a long time my father has persuaded me to   consider a career as a police offer  because it has numerous benefits. My parents have always encouraged me to seek a job that would help me proud and give me satisfaction. For them, being a police officer would make the family proud because they feel that there is a lot out there to be done to restore order in the society.

Being a cop is an honorable profession, as I was growing up; I had the opportunity to see what my parents used to do.  We are among the many families where many of our cousins, brothers, and sister serve in the police department in the city because of the honor the profession brings.Even though people tend to be afraid of encountering police officers, many people view cops as enemies rather than as friendly people.  Despite all these views, I still love being a cop compared to sitting behind a desk the whole day juggle between papers and a computer.

Being a cop is an interesting career because it involved encountering people, including the best and the worst people like gang members, people driving under the influence of alcohol, child abuser, thieves and other people who need your assistance to overcome some of their problems. The unique thing about being a cop is to show these people that there are better ways to solve problems.  It means listening to their problems, giving them advice or even referring them for financial assistance to meet their pressing needs.

Most of the time police work involves helping people to solve their problems than arresting them. It is about keeping people out of the criminal justice system than putting them in jail. I have always wanted to be a cop because I want to be proud of my community, and this is the most satisfying careers that can help me serve my people. Even though there are many personal rewards that come with being a cop, the fact that I will have saved people’s lives is the greatest intangible reward I have always wanted. A career as a police officer is a great opportunity to make a great impact in my community while earning plenty of benefits along the way.

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