Why I Love Baseball (Essay Sample)

Why I love baseball

Sports are part and parcel of life. Most people often have their most preferred or favorite sport as well as sportsperson. Baseball is my most favorite sport. The number one reason behind my love for baseball is the fact that it is an active sport. Playing baseball since I was young keeps me active and compels me to win as it’s the only thing in the player’s mind. Being active promotes good health and thus playing baseball allows me to maintain a good shape and be productive. The other reason that makes me love baseball is its entertaining nature. I enjoy watching the sport on the television and cheering and discussing games with family and friends seems interesting to me.

Some people find baseball boring to watch, and I strongly disagree. I find it admirable that the players have to go through a lot, both physically and mentally just to get a chance to be part of the game. Doing what baseball players do daily takes a lot of energy and requires commitment, and I find it admirable. There is nothing as exciting as jogging around the baseball diamond. Honestly, I think of baseball as my lover, and in case I get a chance to play with it, I wouldn’t hesitate.

The excitement in it is also another factor why I love baseball. The game has a lot of adrenaline and excitement to the extent that taking even a minute’s break during a live match is psychological torture. Each move and play is interesting, and the players on any good day, electrifying indeed. If one is in need of immense excitement, then attending just one baseball match is never enough. It is actually addictive, as one finds himself attending the next, and the next. I started like that too, having a low perception of the game, until the first time I attended one. It was mild excitement. On the second and third games however, it was full throttle. No holding back of the adrenaline. I used tp think that the fun of sports is only when playing it,but this was a different case. I found great and immense satisfaction, just from cheering on my team when they were playing and even more, when winning.

Another desirable aspect of playing baseball is that one has to be an individual with a strong mentality to qualify as a player. Once I get into the field, nobody can stop me as I believe it takes a real competitor to challenge me as being both mentally and physically sound. I think I work harder than my competitors and this boost my confidence each time being in the field. However, I know how it feels to support the losing team but all in all that can’t tamper with my love for baseball.

The winning and cheering out of excitement and enjoyment is just one of the major things that I found really enjoyable about baseball. The other one is the set of lessons that I learnt, quite surprisingly, with each game. It was not just a matter of attending a game with the expectation that it would be more exciting or different from the other. I actually found it interesting that each game brought with it a new set of life lessons. The performance of each player talks of an individual who has practiced and worked hard throughout his life. Each move is distinct and talks of the focus needed to maneuver or execute some aspects in life. The whole game itself is about the desire to keep going in life to achieve the utmost goal; success.

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