Why I Am Special (Essay Sample)

Why I Am Special

First of all, I believe that every person is different and uniquely gifted or talented. As a young person, I never quite understood what politicians meant when they said, “our strength is in our diversity.” However, as I grew older, it dawned on me that the world is at it is because of the different qualities and contributions that everyone makes. It is always easy to notice when a person is doing something exceptionally and without much struggle. While sometimes we are often expected to be good at many things, our strengths always seem to get the best of us and we excel in only the ones we are comfortable with. I believe that everyone is special. Our strengths make us special and the hint of greatness in every person makes all of us special. As I grow older, I have become more observant and I always tend to appreciate and acknowledge my weaknesses. This has helped me grow and to become more accommodative of other people’s gifts and talents. I am not naturally talented like most people are but below is an excerpt of why I think am special.

First of all, I am accommodative and always finds a way to welcome people in my realm. This became easier as I slowly understood that every person is gifted in their own way. Accepting people and letting them invade your territory is always difficult and only a few people can do that. My friends have strict boundaries and while I also have them, they are sometimes puzzled by my demeanor of letting people get close to me both physically and emotionally. I believe that having one’s space is essential but I have also come to realize that this space often robs us off great minds and people. There are times that I have regretted letting some people in my life but I have also learnt a lot during that time and I can firmly say that I am a better person because of that.

Secondly, despite not being gifted in a particular sport, I can participate in almost all sporting events without looking like an amateur. Whenever am required to play basketball or football or tennis or volleyball, I have always shown a bit of experience even if I lack any. This quality has always helped me to believe that I can do anything. My best friend is quite good at playing basketball and while I cannot play as good as he does, he knows that I can compete as well. I have also exhibited this special attribute in my studies where I have shown the ability to attain high marks in almost all the units. I have always known that I am good in numbers but the fact that other units have never troubled me as much led me to believe that indeed I am uniquely gifted.

Finally, I am a quick learner and everyone I meet always seems to notice this trait first. Since my childhood days, I have always been the type of student that seems to grasp what the teacher is trying to communicate. My mother has always been amazed at how fast I grasp new things and always encourages me to read widely and to gather more information so that I may avoid being gullible and susceptible to petty lies. I know that I can share these qualities with other people but I also believe that I am special because of these and much more.

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