Why Do You Want To Be A Seaman? (Essay Sample)

Why I want to be a seaman

A lot of mystery has always been associated with the sea. Its vast nature and majestic appearance on the horizons is perhaps a major reason for this. It has captivated sailors, authors, artists, philosophers, and every other kind of person who has come into contact with it. Of everyone who has ever had the chance to come into close contact with the sea, the sailors, or seamen are arguably the ones who know most of its secrets. I have always harbored dreams of being a seaman, and this ambition still burns in me to this day, due to a number of reasons.

First, being a seaman provides me with the chance to be an explorer. It is quite adventurous to go on voyages around the world, discovering new places and new cultures. Meeting new people and experiencing their lifestyles. It is fun and adventurous to tour. After all, what is life about, if not fun and enjoyment? It has always been a fundamental question; how does the world on the other side look like? What do people over there do? Are they like us, do they see the same sun we see on this side? Do they experience the same conditions like we have on this side? The only ways to answer such questions is through travelling around, by sea. This is one of the major reasons as to why I would love to be a sea man.

Secondly, being a sea man offers the chance to fully pursue one’s career. Most people always have the dreams of grandiosity, being rich, wealthy, doctors and such. However, it has been a personal decision to pursue sea faring as a career. It will not only bring happiness, but also satisfaction to live one’s career dream. Not so many people get the chance to do that. Not so many even manage to launch theirs. Being a sea man at a younger age would be great, since it would result in having a lot of experience before old age approaches. I love the sea, its calmness and wrath. It is just a spectacle to behold every time I am there. I would like to contribute to the marine industry from an early age. There are a lot of old faces as sea men due to the fact that there is indeed a gap in expertise. Very few youngsters have the dream of being sea men.

Thirdly, being a sea man offers one the opportunity or the chance to be responsible, or to exercise responsibility. It is quite something, when one knows he is in charge of a team, when the lives of some people at sea, depend on you. Additionally, the safety of the environment in the sea, in terms of pollution control, also depends on me to a great extent. Being a sea man at such an early age provides me with the chance to exercise early responsibility and accountability.

Finally, in addition to the challenge of mounting an exciting career, comes the economic aspect. Being a sea man of course offers a chance to earn good money. This is however, just the tip of the iceberg, quite literally. It comes with various other economic benefits. It provides a platform for a saving culture. This is because most of the time, one is on the ship, where everything from food to accommodation is provided. There is therefore no extra expenses such as paying for rent or other household bills, unless of course one has a family. The income is also in most cases, free of taxation, and therefore, very little deductions are made on it. Quite a bonus too. Being a sea man therefore, is quite an exciting dream.

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