Why Do I Want To Be An Army Officer (Essay Sample)

A Soldier

A dream of becoming an army officer began at my childhood age. My father was a soldier, and I spend quite a lot of time visiting him in the barracks. I never knew he was a lieutenant until one day I received a phone call from the barrack with a voice referring to him as Lieutenant Benet. At the moment I knew my father was a famous person in the army. At home, I enjoy the company of my father who loves taking his duties at home. Most of the times, I assist him gardening and watering the horses. His loves locating duties to people a virtue that I think he developed as a lieutenant in the army. My father retired from the USA army in the year 2010 and was honoured for his obedience and tremendous work in the military. However, his retirement came as a shock to us since he obtained a life threatening injury on his back.

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One time in the year 2000, I attended a pass out parade at the Borough of Manhattan College. The recruits had just accomplished their training as army soldiers and were headed in different barracks across the USA. I developed a selfless character, and this was the point when I decided that I would join the army in the later years. However, I developed this idea as the best way to honour my father who looked forward to seeing me being like him in the society. Besides, I love helping people, promote environmental conservation, encourage positivity among my colleagues, encourage team building and interactions among my teammates. These qualities I see are beneficial and required by a soldier.

I aspired to be a soldier since I believed in good leadership, taking responsibility as well as adapting to a different environment that I come across. These positive attributes and values that I possess would help me serve the citizens of the USA as well as other citizens across the world.  During the initial years at the army school, I further developed leadership skills, and I realized that leadership demands self-sacrifice and becoming an example to the rest of my colleagues. I learned the virtue of obedience, following directions as well as inspiring others to be good citizens. Even though serving people of different backgrounds can be achieved in various sectors, I prefer joining the army and becoming a soldier. Thus, I joined the army school three years ago to as a fulfilment of a promise to my father as well as serving my country to a greater extent especially leading from the front.

I have integrity, and the residents regard me as a trustworthy person. This quality requires that a person remains transparent in all his endeavours and be ready to serve any individual. In regards to my locality, my father was considered as the champion of peace due to his unwavering stand when making decisions. This virtue of leadership earned him respect hence I have decided to follow his footsteps to become an example for my colleagues who have ventured in other fields. At the moment with the training that I have received from the army school, I have been able to discuss with some residents on self-reliance regarding the security.  Since the sheriff from the nearest town has to drive for two hours in his regular patrol, I have taken the initiative of engaging the locals to stay vigilant and inform one another of any suspected activity within the area. Through such initiative, we have been able to nail down with the help of the town sheriff some drug barons who have been on the hideout and have been causing mayhem within the locality.  Engaging in such activities especially during my off periods makes me appreciate my line of duty as a good citizen.  Therefore, when the opportunity came for me to join the army, I never hesitated since it is in line with my career that I had dreamt of as a child.

I do not regret deciding to become a soldier since it has the greater purpose of serving my family, the locality and my country. Irrespective of the ups and downs, great leaders have to earn such reputation not only by training but also through experiences, and I see it as the most selfless activity that a person should do in the society.

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