Why Do I Want To Be A Naval Officer (Essay Sample)

Why do I want to be a naval officer?

Every one of us has dreams, be it career wise or just anything about the future. It is these dreams that keep us ambitious and fixed on the goal. Being young and full of potential, I find myself wondering what I will commit to after am done with my studies. I just can’t stop to think about the kind of career that will act as my driving force, one that will give me the passion and willingness to jump out of bed each earning and face each day. My parents advise me to pick a future career that might make me wealthy and help me lead a fulfilling life. In addition, they also made me believe in getting a career that might help me be in a position to also help others.

However, I examine the lives led by the rich and the most famous individuals in the world and am quite convinced that earthly riches would not give me the kind of satisfaction I deserve in my life. I desire to pursue something that is more fulfilling and satisfying and based on my early experiences, I can confidently say that I enjoy helping others. It is my desire to save lives and be there for others when they are in desperate situations.

I would like to be a naval officer because I want to be more involved when it comes to the creation or making of policies regarding the navy. I would like to bring to the table, the experiences and concerns of other people, whose voices have not been heard. In this way, I would like fair treatment of my junior officers, after their interests are addressed. The fairness and respect that they deserve would in turn translate into more loyalty and a more functional naval unit for the country. I am not trying to imagine or state that such changes would be drastic and immediate ,but at least, from my previous experience at a lower level, I clearly acknowledge the fact that some change is indeed, needed.

While the extra pay is also a motivation for my pursuit, much of it weighs on my patriotism to this nation. I know there are various individuals out there with similar qualifications to mine, but making even double my pay. I also know that maybe when I opt to venture outside, I might get even better pay. My love for this nation however, drives me towards pursuing this task. I want to serve my country at a greater level, to the best of my ability.

I, therefore, want to become a naval officer so that I can help improve lives of those who come to me for care. I would gladly help repair other people’s broken bodies and most of all be a comforting and an uplifting figure when there is sorrow. By becoming a naval officer, I would not only fulfill my duty of serving my nation but would also make my ancestors happy as they fought for the same.

I believe becoming a naval officer would help me become the leader I was destined to be since birth. I understand that being a naval officer entails vast downfalls that many fear to embrace, but I am ready to challenge myself. I believe I am called to be a naval officer.

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