Why Did I Become A Teacher? (Essay Sample)

Why did I become a teacher?

A teaching career is a call. Universally, teachers are people with big hearts. The call for teaching profession is not all about money. Indeed, teaching is less compensated compared to other careers such as nursing, law or engineering. The reasons why I became a teacher is deeper than the three-month summer vacation. Though these reasons are personal, however, nearly all teachers in the world are committed and united by the extreme desire and urge to impact people’s life positively. Teachers are the best mentors and caretakers in the universe. No matter what position anyone may hold, at least they have had teachers to guide and teach them how to go over it. They communicate skills and pearls of wisdom to students. Apparently, just like religious leaders, teachers have authority to spell a curse and bless their students in equal measures. This paper will, therefore, explore the reasons why I chose to become a teacher.

I have had great passion and desire to bring the difference and do good extremely good things in the world. Precisely, having being raise from a staunch Christian background, creating big impacts in people’s life has been my ambition. Right from countless professions, I had a challenge of choosing between nursing and teaching. My parents admired the nursing career because they are working without limits. Moreover, nurses are well compensated than teachers. In the end, I decided to become a teacher because they artificially create a person out of nothing. They teach children to have discipline, decorum, and decency in the society. Pupils begin their learning journey with nothing in the skulls but end up as reputable lawyers, doctors, and engineers. Thanks to the teaching profession with the capacity to create and design our best neurosurgeons who serve our life from the wrath death. I am glad to be part of the great teaching profession.

I chose to be a teacher for the great love and passion I had for my community. Meaningful contribution to my community has personally prompted my decision to a teaching career. Being a teacher has an invaluable contribution to the community. Motivational speakers had great impacts in my life during my childhood stages. They provided much inspiration into my career making me develop the desire on how I would become an inspirational speaker and challenge my community to embrace education. It deeply depressed and sadden my soul when some of my bright classmates dropped out of school because their parents could not provide them with new uniforms or lunch boxes. I suggest the world and more particularly my community would be having many architects and doctors than today. I realized an invaluable contribution of a teacher my life who inspired and motivated me to work hard despite the challenges. Surely, I had a better reason to drop out of school because I hardly took lunch, but I persisted on working hard. My parents were unable to fund my basic needs in school though I was admitted as a total orphan. I believe working as a community teacher will help other students with a unique but similar case like mine.

Finally, I found it fascinating and interesting that teaching never camouflaged. It stays fresh years after today. Despite having different horizons, however, teachers always learn and build what they had learned. Once a teacher, always a teacher. In conclusion, my passion and love for being a teacher started from my childhood. I was transpired to become a teacher through the bitter challenges I passed through. I gained much today when I see my students progressing to pursue medicine or any other competitive career. Some of them had a dark account but got transformed after heeding to my pieces of advice. Indeed, being a teacher is more a career, but it is the call. I have delivered what I was called to deliver.

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