Why Clear And Effective Communication Between Partners Is Required (Essay Sample)


Every partner should have an open communication activity because they need to share what they have in mind in order to express their plans and activities with their partner. In a relationship, communication is important because it seeks to value information that will be received and sent to the intended recipient such as your partner. If you engage in a relationship, you fully commit to your partner that communication is important. This is to help your relationship become productive and reliable because both of you are going to share similar thoughts, experiences, and intent to deliver a quality message and communicative practice that strengthens your relationship. As a partner, you are willing to offer comforting message or to absorb all issues to strengthen your relationship.

Clear communication between partners is required because as a member of the couple, your message should be always clear with your partner. If we say clear, this is a concise, straight to the point, and with a message that seeks to promote a positive meaning to every word of the subject matter of the study. The message should be clear to understand the situation very well. Each word, phrase, and the whole message of the story shouldn’t have a double meaning in every sense of the message. This is to prevent confusions with your partner because sometimes, there are certain words that are needed to be clarified. Having a clear thought and delivery of message prevents time wastage between two individuals. Double meaning always sets suspicious issues that will be raised by your partner, especially if they are exhibiting a paranoid personality disorder.

Effective communication is established when the message was addressed successfully by the sender to the recipient. If one of the partners successfully sent a message to the partner regarding their relationship status, concerns, or just an ordinary expression, then the message has been addressed and appreciated. If one person successfully acknowledged the message, then communication was successfully addressed. One major sign is when both of the couple agrees on the message that has been conveyed by each other. At other times, they can both disagree with the issue, especially if there is something conflicting with their norms and interest with each other. Ineffective communication is observed when there are conflicting interests that arises between the members of the couple. If the other partner agrees with the situation while the other disagrees with it, then there will be a problem that can result into a conflict in the future (Zuckerman, 2015).

Resolving conflict of interest when engaged in an effective communication is important. The rationale is to assess the differences of the situation and discussing it by trying to conduct an alternative way to ensure that the issue will be resolved immediately. Effective communication is always applied when both of the couple addresses the issue correctly by acknowledging their differences. Humbleness is the key to generate an effective communication so that a difference diminishes any risk of confusions or conflicts between the couple. Communication is an effective solution to address the problems that emanates between the relationships of the couple. Over all, solving issues that are causing problems between the problems can be effectively solved when the couple will start to address the situation and appreciate the existing problem that can be overcome in the near future.


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