Why Child Labour Should Be Banned (Essay Sample)

Child Labour is rampant in many developing countries i.e., Bangladesh, Myanmar, India and Pakistan. There are many reasons why children are used for labour. The prime reason is cheap cost of it. The others prefer the children to work because they are manageable and compliant to the employers – it could be put in other words: child slavery.

There are parents force their children to work at a young age because of poverty. Some children engage voluntarily to provide basic needs for their family. Some were never educated also that child labor is prohibited. But there are dangers in child labour. There are children abused and deprived of basic needs while in labor. These affects the physical and psychological state of the child.

Children have weaker bodies compared to the adults. Their bodies cannot withstand the physical demands of labour. And even at times, the children are actually exposed to more heavy work. Their bodies deteriorate at a very young age. Children also have young minds to comprehend the situation that may lead them to mental illness. The others are miseducated by the environment within the child labour – the others lead a criminal life or abuse children too when they become adults. It becomes a domino effect to the next generation.

For other countries however, despite the presence of laws, impose minimum age for labour – at a young age. As an example, in Nepal the minimum age is 14 years for most work. This is alarming because the government sanctions the essentially child labour. There is no violation of law because the 14 year old children are allowed to work. It becomes a normal standard in the country. It is as if no wrong is committed by anyone who engage in child labour.

The child labour must be banned because the children are the next generation to help the build a stronger nation. Since the children are not put to school, the children are maleducated, miseducated by the effects of the child labour. The children never learn anything. As they become adults all they do is earn income and even perpetuate child labour. Their skills are not honed. They are secluded in the idea of working are laborers until of age. Because the children are not given enough education, there is no advancement in the technology. Further to the economy of the country. The population of the class below the poverty line either maintains or widens. The gap between the rich and the poor increases and the country remains to be a developing nation.

A perfect example of a solution to child labor is the United States. USA enacted Truancy Laws back in 1852 which penalizes parents who do not put their children to school or in case of unexcused absences from school. This forces the parents to discipline their children to attend classes. This is to promote education to the children in United States. Through this, the children are away from the dangers of child labor. There is no reason for any child to be not attending school because the government of the United States has funded public schools and even most of the expenses of each student.

For this to happen, I believe that a developing nation must first focus on the education. Keep a good budget for the education of the children. The government must provide more schools, impose high quality education and to provide enough jobs for the graduates of these schools. Laws must also go hand in hand with this because even with the education if the government does not prohibit child labour it will continue to exist.

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