Why Are Parents So Strict (Essay Sample)

Why Are Parents So Strict

Parents are so strict because of life experience. For once in everybody’s life, one has become a child, teenager and an adult. The parents has seen it all before their children. Life experience has taught them to provide rules and regulations within the household and to impose these rules strictly towards their children.

Life experience may differ from one to another. A person may have a happy childhood. Others may have experienced hardship at such a young age. Pain, suffering, agony, happiness, joy, love, and even anger has molded the characteristics of a person.

Education may also be a contributing factor to how life experience may teach us. Life in school a major factor that molds a person. The teachers who teach the students more than what the book can provide. The environment created by the school also adds up to the experience of a person in life – friends and teachers. The teachers being that they are also considered a parent within the school premises provide learning to the children. Education is a big factor to the life experience of a person.

A person may take life experience – whether painful or not – positively, the others may take it negatively. It depends also in the perspective of a person. It also depends on how the parents taught the parents now.

The premise however of the actions of the parents toward their children is unconditional love. The love of the parents pushes them to be strict about their children because they do not want the latter to experience the mistakes that the parents experienced when they were young. Just as what they say, they have been there and done that.

On the other hand, the parents may also be strict because of the influence of their environment and culture. It is a domino effect. If the parents of the parents now were strict to them, they may also be strict to their children. The strictness may also be passed on to the next generation.

Eastern culture remains to have strict parents. There is a tight bond between the members of the family. Chinese people for example are strict towards their children because this is what their culture dictates. Parents dictate the life of their children. There are other families in the eastern culture who still impose capital punishment towards their children to discipline them. Obedience is a must for the children. The respect and moral ascendancy is highly regarded to the parents in this culture. The children in the eastern culture are driven to always succeed in every endeavor. Success is very important in this culture.

In Western Countries, the parents are less strict to their children. The discipline is different. The parents ground their children whenever they disobeyed rules. The schools have detention rooms where the children are locked in for hours to teach them a lesson. In the United States, the moment their children come of age, they are already emancipated from their parents. Unlike the eastern culture, there is no pressure towards the children to be successful in life.

Parents are strict because of life experience. This may be broken down to two factors: personal experience of the parents and the culture of the parents. The personal experience of a person drives them to provide a better life for their children. It may come off to be regarded as harsh for the children but it is the way that the parents know how. The culture, on the other hand, imposes the parents to be strict to their children. The strictness is not alien to every household because this is already deeply inculcated to their culture.

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