Who Can Motivate A Person To Study (Essay Sample)

Motivation is desirable in everyday life. Motivation from a situation, something or a person initiates an individual’s undertakings each day. Motivation is the force or influence that pushes an individual to do something. Being motivated can attract positive outcomes to a student’s study levels and their grades. A motivated student will with ease exert extra effort and do more to attain success. Having the right motivation works perfectly into directing a student’s work and driving them on the right track when laziness or lack of motivation occasion. A student gets motivation from various people.

Parents are the prime people that can motivate a person to study. Parents are the first teacher a child gets after they are born who influence their actions, needs and outlook in life thus, they should be the key influence towards studies of their children. Parents can achieve this by developing a relationship based on love and trust, whereby children can get advice and listen to what parents say concerning their studies. Parents can also enroll the children in coaching classes and introduce fan activities that make learning more enticing. Additionally, parents can provide crucial necessities in the process of studying. Such needs include school fees, learning materials and ensure a comfortable and peaceful environment that motivates them to study.

A teacher is another person that motivates a person to study. The primary role of a teacher in a person’s life is to encourage and promote the efforts of learning in their education. The teachers support a student’s success by instilling the necessary knowledge in them. Teaching can influence studying of students through making classes enjoyable through utilization of captivating scenarios, activities and visual aids to elicit interest. Moreover, a teacher can create a supportive environment where students struggling with their studies receive assistance and appreciation instead of abandoning and overlooking them. However, for all these perspectives from teachers to be effective, a student has to be willing and ready to learn.

Students can motivate themselves. Despite other people in a student’s life instilling motivation in them, a student’s attitude, feelings, likes and dislikes determine the overall outcome. A student can achieve this by first, determining what they want to achieve in their studies and life. Through this determination, they can set the principles, the speed of working, Institute challenges that they have to meet and offer benefits for enjoyment once they achieve all these perspectives. Moreover, when a student comprehends that their attitude greatly influences the outcome of their learning, they can work toward changing it to the positive.

Friends can motivate a person to study. When a student circle of friends and colleagues are hardworking, in control and independent, they tend to influence a student positively.  Additionally, friends that are lazy and insincere push a student to become like them. Thus, a student should socialize with hardworking, responsible and motivated students, as their positive behavior rubs on an individual, attracting them to follow suit. Additionally, when the said friends are classmates, they foster a healthy competition, whereby a student works hard to be at par with their friends, thereby motivating them towards studying.

Learning is an important task for every student and employing consistency, and seriousness in it results in numerous benefits. Nevertheless, motivation necessitates for this to be achieved. Thus, teachers, parents, and friends are crucial in motivating people towards education. However, despite their efforts, a person has to determine for themselves what studying means to them. They have to have a love for it, positive attitude, take actions towards succeeding in it to become an eventual success.

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