Where I Stand (Essay Sample)

Where I Stand

I am a happy young man born in a family of two children. I am currently 19 years old and too tall for my age. I have been to eight school my whole life, and I am soon joining college to pursue a degree course that I am yet to decide.

I have a roaring appetite, and I like all kind of foods, juice, and soda. Despite being color blind, I like all colors especially the bright ones. Most of the time I enjoy walking and jogging around my estate with earphones glued to my ears listening to my favorite songs. I love the hot weather because during the cold weather I become very sick. I play sports not because I am a sportsman but for fun; I love soccer and table tennis. I like the English premier league football; I am a Liverpool fan like my father. I also like the American football’s National Football League though I do not know which team I love the best. I love the winning team most of the time.

I am determined. Owing to the fact I have lived my whole life moving from one school to another and finished high school at the age of eighteen is reason enough to justify my determination. I can’t wait to see what college life and studies are in store for me just around the corner. I am a patriotic citizen fueled by nationalism. The beauty of my unknown future that I deem will be bright drives me with a force to work harder every day of my life.

I am in favor of life and the opportunity it offers. I am in favor of a country where equality is practiced, and people are not judged or treated according to their races, level of study or wealth. I am in favor of a just country where the rule of law is not in favor of anyone. I am in favor of a country where its citizens practice their democratic right voluntarily without fear of victimization or interference from the government. I am in favor of a president who is considerate, one who put the priorities of the electorate before his.

I believe in the unity of mankind, for unity is not only necessary for existence, but it also holds potential for good things. I believe in peace and justice, for peace cannot prevail in the absence of justice. I believe in friendship, and friends should be caring, truthful and trustworthy. I believe in chasing my dreams because good things are earned the hard way. I believe in hard work and consistency, and above all in the Heavenly Father who looks out for me.

I am apolitical and do not care about politics; they are noise to my ears. During the past electioneering period, I was affiliated with no political party even the one my parents championed for. I am an introvert, and most of the time I keep things to myself because I hate interference.

If I had the chance to make a difference in the world, I would change how disputes are solved by not resorting to using excessive force and war. I would change how waste products are gotten rid of and not damping and exposing them carelessly to pollute the environment. I would change the level of taxation in most countries and reduce them to friendly rates. I would change how leaders, especially in the developing countries, loot and treat their people inhumanly. I will change the world and make it a better place than it is right now and this is where I stand.

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