Where Can Families And Parents Find Support And Resources (Essay Sample)

Parenting has never been an easy job. This is especially for the first time parents or parents with special-needs children. Parents or families baffled with such problems often tend to be weary. The problems overwhelm them, and they wonder what to do. Some often seek help from the friends who are experienced parents and have successfully raised children with special abilities. Others who have no idea where to seek help remain stranded. This article impacts these parents and families the knowledge of where they can get assistance in the form of resources or support to help them raise their children.

Families and parents can get support and resources from the many available social institutions such as schools, hospitals, churches and community centers depending on the type of the problem. Families or parents who have children with learning disabilities can get help from special schools. It can be very confusing and disheartening to parents when they find out that their children have learning disabilities. To a parent who is not a specialist, it may be very difficult for them to understand the cause or the type of disability that could lead to the learning disorder. However, with the assistance of special schools, parents can be helped to determine the real causality of the problem. The schools with psychiatrists can help the parents address the disorder if it is related to psychology. If it is a physical problem, the school can refer them to special hospitals to rectify the problem.

First-time parents are often disturbed by the issue of parenting. It can be so pressing to the point that they get into a postnatal depression. Everyone knows that parenting takes the greatest percentage when it comes to the factors that influence child development. The relationship that the parent and the child shares takes up the bigger share. Optimal parenting skills have a positive impact on the child’s behavior, academic performance, self-esteem and cognitive development. First-time parents would want to be the best parents to their children, but they don’t just understand how. Such parents can benefit from community programs offered at community centers. Such parenting community programs can also be offered in churches. The programs are, however, not limited to first-time parents but continuing parents as well.

Community parent support programs are meant to strengthen and support the parenting capabilities that are in existence. The aim of this is for the development and promotion of new competencies. With the new competencies, the parents have an understanding and are equipped with skills that are transferred to the responsibilities of child rearing. The ultimate result is that children are exposed to opportunities and experiences that promote their development and learning.

Some families and parents are struggling with finding necessities for their children such as food and quality health care. Some of the reasons that could lead to such struggles include high levels of poverty and insecurity among others. Those are some of the extreme reasons, but some parents have the ability to provide, but they just don’t know where to get the best child care, immunizations for their children. Such parents can get help from professional hospital workers such as doctors. Those struggling with food due to poverty can get help from community programs and movements. What they need to know is how they can access these programs or movements. The best way to do this is to visit any community center around them and acquire the necessary knowledge.

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