What Would Happen If Resources Disappear (Essay Sample)

What Would Happen If Resources Disappear

Poverty, Famine, and War are just some of the few things that could occur is at some point, either be the reason be known or not by mankind, suddenly our resources disappear. It cannot be argued that most of our basic needs doesn’t depend on ourselves only, we acquire our strength, nutrition and other things that we need through the raw materials being provided by our resources. But one interesting scenario is the possibility that what if suddenly our resources be scarce and eventually disappear?

In world history, there have been accounts of expedition and voyage that can be used as references on how human will respond if their resources is in the brink of depleting. The term ‘coup d’état’ was referred as the joint forces of masses or many people against the reigning administration. It was back on old times, where most transportations are done by ships, when a captain fails to administer the rules and be a good example to the crews and a challenging force executed by a man with good influence with others would try to annihilate the current leader and be his successor upon winning or killing the current on position in which this scenario implies the ‘coup d’état’. In larger picture, when humans experience a trouble especially on acquiring and managing resources, there can be destabilization of government because people are getting restless and they understand that the circumstances can change if they overthrow the current system even If it means of using force to do so.

Another scenario that could happen if resources fails or disappear is mankind can either fall into great famine and great number of death can be predicted including sickness and others that can be relate to this. In apocalyptic events that our history recorded, there have been some massive starvation where food and water have been scarce and what happens next is that humans in the area experience a famine and eventually, people are dying because of hunger, some are due to illness as they tried to eat anything they could get their hands with or for some loses their sanity. An insight of this example can be observed on some parts of the world, especially on depressed areas like some places in Africa where food and water are scarce and death toll are quite high.

There can also be a big threat of war against another nation and even the people among the community. If the resources including the vital and primarily needed by mankind cease to exist and those who have prepared for such events can expect great oppression from many people as everyone is trying to find out to live another day. Conflicts like of those in war shall be played by many nations in order to get their hands on stock materials that other nations have. This scenario have been a quiet practice during the royal times of king and queen, where soldiers were set on foot to rally and conquer lands to provide more resources in their kingdom.

Lastly, in such event that our precious resources, whether we consider it to be vital like water, food or home or those that we don’t need so much but still good to acquire like clothes to protect us from different weather, shall disappear either gradual or through instantly one thing shall be common when that time comes, it is death. Death through famine, sickness, sadness, corruption and mayhem can be observe in those tough times and so, that is why we have to preserve our source of our resources. Let us remember that too much of getting what we need from our environment we shall pay our debt through long suffering from life’s catastrophe.

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