What Makes Romeo And Juliet Fall In Love (Essay Sample)

What Makes Romeo and Juliet Fall in Love

The tale of Romeo and Juliet is known to be tragedy because of its bitter story ending in the deaths of the two lovers. It seems that life on earth was too cruel for them in order for them to be together. From Romeo and Juliet, the phrase and adjective “star-crossed lovers” was coined. This pertains to lovers who are at odds with fate in the actualization of their love. The main characters of the play are set apart because of their feuding families. This primary plot point sets the premise for the concept of forbidden love. This concept is very present in popular culture which is why many consider Romeo and Juliet as the most popular characters in literary history that showcased the tragedy of love during their time.

What made them fall in love is simply love at first sight. Both were instantly attracted to each other yet what highlighted their love for each other was the fact that they cannot be together. What makes them fall in love even further is the idea that what they have is forbidden. This trope in literature is present up until today in contemporary literature. In romance novels and stories, characters fall in love for different reasons and when these reasons tell them not to fall in love, that is exactly when they fall for each other. This theme in Romeo and Juliet is reminiscent of romantic dramas and comedies that we see today. The primary premise of Romeo and Juliet is forbidden love. This concept of forbidden love has mutated into different forms that emphasize the idea that there is a sense of thrill when two people who are attracted to each other are pulled away from each other.

In different romantic narratives and stories, this type of premise is very appealing to audiences because it gives a sort of romantic fantasy kind of feeling. Not everyone is able to experience forbidden love and for many, this is the kind of love that is worthy to be called great. Of course, there is also something that needs to be considered in the story of Romeo and Juliet: hastiness—as one character in the story has stated: haste makes waste. Romeo and Juliet did not give their love time to bloom. They were young and they wanted the easy way out of things. This is also why they fell easily in love; they felt that they needed to hurry. At their age, it is safe to say that love is still something new to them. This might be the reason why they didn’t give things much thought. This hastiness led to the tragedy that envelops the story of Romeo and Juliet. In present times, this attitude is something that we are warned about. As the saying goes, nothing good comes easy. What Romeo and Juliet has experienced may somewhat be premature feelings. They did not give themselves time to grow. Somehow, they were pressured into putting themselves into things that were too much for their age.

In the end, the story of Romeo and Juliet may seem romantic to many but it also serves as a warning to many of how to really deal with love. Many fantasize about falling in love but the act of falling in love requires both the head and the heart. Romeo and Juliet failed at this because they let their passion get ahead of themselves. Ultimately, what made them fall in love with each other was love with the promise of youth; something new and exciting yet what envelops all this is what keeps them away from each other.

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