What Makes A Successful Civilization (Essay/Paper Sample)

What Makes A Successful Civilization

Organizing a society could be termed as one of the most difficult thing to do due to the fact that people have different opinions about what is right and wrong in life. There are plenty of reasons as to why different civilizations do not match one another. Such reasons result into a successful civilization when handled in the right manner. Therefore, the creation of a successful civilization takes a lot of commitment and great master of how to maintain power.

A successful civilization must have a great government in order to ensure that all the political matters of the society are running efficiently. As a result, this makes it for the civilization to agree to similar rules due to the presence of the constitution. Common rules make all individuals equals and therefore, their opinions can only be judged on the basis of the general civilization through an agreement guided by the government. Also, the government ensures that wrongdoers are dealt with accordingly without harming anyone. Therefore, a good government is the key tool to a successful civilization.

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Another factor that makes a civilization successful is its geographical location. A civilization requires a lot of natural resources in order for it to be self-sufficient in all corners of life. Therefore, a good geographical location whereby the people are able to cultivate and eliminate the issue of drought effects reduces the expenses that would have been spent in importing food stuffs. As well, thus helps in saving for other expenses in life such as medical care and education hence resulting to a successful nation.

In terms of geographical location, the civilization’s access to the transport system is another important factor that contributes greatly to its success. The civilization will not have to go through the struggle of paying fees to other nations in order to transport goods. Hence, that amount is saved for other purposes and this, makes the civilization different from others that does not have access to amenities such as water transport. The government has the obligation of maintaining a good transport system within the civilization, and this, includes the construction of world class roads. As a result, this fastens the economy of the civilization hence defining it as one of the successful civilizations.

An organized religion is another substantial factor that brings about a successful civilization. The main categories of religions are Christianity and Islamic. Therefore, a civilization that appreciates and respects the decisions of each of the religions brings about peace among the people hence resulting to a successful civilization. On the other hand, coalition based disagreements can cause a lot of disruptions within a civilization to the extent of causing war. As a result, such a civilization will focus on eliminating the war instead of focusing on important things directed towards the development of its economy.

Concisely, the factors that result to a successful civilization work together because the success has to be all round. However, there are various factors that could be a possible hindrance to such success or even fasten the process of becoming a successful civilization. Among such factors is technology and influence from other civilizations. Technological changes can affect the civilization negatively by reducing job opportunities due to the replacement of manpower with machines. It could also promote the economy by fastening the production process. On the other hand, influence from external civilizations can promote the economy of the civilization hence contributing to its success. As well, the influence could have a negative impact on the civilizations’ government and especially when it comes to the transport system.

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