What It Means To Be A Professional Soldier (Essay Sample)

What it means to be a professional soldier

Professionalism is defined in many ways depending on the career.  Professionalism within the military context can be defined by one word that is being disciplined.  Even though we are taught to be, respectful at all times to all every citizen, the same way we would want others to treat us, for soldiers this is a golden rule. Respect means treating people with dignity, respect implies offering selfless service by putting the country’s welfare first over his own needs.

Soldiers need to be professional by maintaining the highest possible discipline when discharging their duty.  Being disciplined means, soldiers have no right to take away someone’s life. As a soldier, one is entrusted with the lives of others. Therefore being professional requires a soldier to uphold the laws. A soldier has the duty to protect citizens from any harm by defending them at all cost. Soldiers go out of their way in their duty, risking their lives to save others that are what defines professionalism within the military context.

A professional soldier subscribes to the universal military ethics; the military ethics includes following strict orders that are meant to protect citizens and uphold their professionalism these includes working as a team. A professional soldier is required to uphold the laws by not violating individual rights.  Instead, a professional soldier should protect their country and its people at all times. A professional soldier should prevent violence and promote peace.

A professional soldier has the responsibility towards the society; a soldier needs to be dedicated towards serving people, but should not be motivated by monetary rewards and ranks. When a soldier goes contrary to society’s expectations, he ceases to be a professional. Professionalism is seen when soldiers are awarded for their exemplary deeds that includes saving lives. A soldier will accomplish his professional goal by making a difference in people’s lives. Soldiers are often involved in risky and dangerous missions; they are required to subscribe to the philosophy of teamwork. , this means no one should be left behind. A professional soldier needs to be courageous and have the ability to defend anyone, including his teammates when faced with danger.

As a soldier, being professional means completing the tasks assigned in a consistent manner by following the laid down procedure. For instance, if a soldier is assigned to conduct an operation, he needs to adhere to the standard practices outlined by the commanding officer.  Professional soldiers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that citizens feel safe. Soldiers to not engage in war willingly, professional soldiers need to engage in preventive war, by safeguarding the national security.

Soldiers need to be respectful to their enemies and the true nature of war. Even though soldiers are always ready for war, war is usually the last resort after trying all other avenues to restore peace. Professional soldier is neutral; he does not engage in any political orders. A soldier is aware of his duty that is to serve the state not individuals. Any soldier who is not loyal to his country, and does not obey the military code ceases to be a professional.

A good soldier is judged by not the policies they adhere to but the efficiency and promptness of how he carries out his duty. Loyalty is about having faith in and allegiance to the Constitution and other soldiers.  Professionalism means fulfilling his responsibilities as a team following the right procedures. A soldier’s professionalism is determined by his expertise and responsibility, that is why they need to undergo a great deal of training to understand their responsibilities.

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