What Is Your Primary Goal For Going To School? (Essay Sample)

What is your primary goal for going to school

Having goals is important because goals help you get to where you want in future. Academic goals keep us focused and help us stay on track until we achieve the desired outcomes. To succeed in life, we need to set out goals and work towards accomplishing them. I always believe that acquiring knowledge is an adventure; this statement has led me throughout my learning process. What motivates most and inspires me to go to school is not to secure good jobs in the future like many students; my primary goal for going to school is to explore what the world has to offer. I study a myriad of subjects in school because I want to acquire more knowledge to understand the world better I want to know how the brain works.

I want to know how to solve some of the persistent problems using innovative technology.  I want to learn about history to understand where I am coming from. My primary goal for going to school is to build a solid foundation for my future life. I have always wanted to get the best out of school for my grandmother to be proud of me.   It has been my grandmother’s dream that I would one day go to college and earn degrees that will open doors for many career opportunities in the future.   Like my grandmother, I believe that completing my studies to the highest levels would be a great experience because I will be proud of my achievements.

Accomplishing this dream requires hard work and dedication; I need to stay focused to attain my life goals. I would want to earn not only a degree in business administration, but I would also want to learn more about technology and understand human being through psychology. By going to school, I will have a wide perspective about humans and the world in general. The primary purpose of attending school is to acquire education that will help me throughout my life. Every day I attend school, it gives me the opportunity to learn new things that can change my life. When I acquire education, I can also pass the knowledge to others to make a difference in the world.

A good education is a key to a bright future because if you are equipped with the adequate knowledge, you will have confidence in life. Using acquired knowledge, I can pursue any career. A good education will prepare me for my future; it will shape my thinking, making me make better decisions. I am aware that good education is not about attending college and completing, it is a transformation process that changes your perception. Through education, I can improve my character and grow spiritually. My primary goal of going to school is to discover my capabilities; I want to step out of my comfort zone and stress beyond my limits because I know that through this process, I will grow stronger and be a competent person.

Schools expand our horizons and molding us to be individuals that are more open-minded.  In school, you get to meet people from different background with amazing personalities that motivates you to be like them. Like other students, I want to complete college, but I need to plan to achieve my objectives by developing a positive outlook on life. My willingness to learn, my curiosity, and enthusiasm towards school will help me achieve my academic goals. I am planning to continue learning to improve myself even after completing school.

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