What Is The Relationship Between Tourism And Hospitality? (Essay Sample)


When visiting different places in a certain area around the world, you will experience a different perspective of a country that is different from the usual country that you are affiliated with. As a tourist, experiencing the wonders of nature enhances your curiosity to discover unfamiliar things that make a memorable way to remember a certain country. In this case, visiting a country can improve your perception by having the chance to learn more about the positive things that the country must have to offer. Relating your experience with other individuals when visiting a country enables yourself to fully appreciate the norms and interest that came from the place that you explored for a certain period.

Tourism is an activity where multiple nationalities from all over the world visit your country. The purpose of tourism is to attract visitors from other parts of the world to learn more about the custom and practices that have been playing an important role to sustain the socio-economic status of the host. The difference of tourism from hospitality is the ability of the country to attract visitors by offering places that are unique and livable by any visitors. Tourism is mostly focused on the natural resources of a certain country because they can offer their pristine beach, snow capped mountain, and unique landscapes that make their country or place attractive to visitors. Tourists can experience the beautiful sceneries that the place has to offer because there are numerous attractions that they can visit. And before departing, tourists are able to take away souvenirs that they can display it in their albums to store memories from a memorable past from that place.

When it comes to the hospitality, the difference is the warm treatment of the locals in the area that you are visiting. Hospitality is the ability of the local to provide a warm accommodation to any tourists who want to experience the chance of their lifetime by visiting the area that can generate memorable issues to their life.  If you are welcomed by the locals, you are being offered to experience their culture and tradition that makes your tour very special. Locals who are open to foreign visitors are able to show their compassion to allow outsiders appreciate their culture and tradition. This is beneficial for tourists because they are going to feel like they are at home in a foreign place that is different from their household routine.

There are three main components in order to establish an efficient and effective tourism industry to a certain country. One is the place where visitors can have the chance to experience the natural wonders of nature and the place that they are visiting. The second is the hospitality because tourists need locals to experience custom and tradition of a country that wants foreigners experience tradition and customs on a regular basis. The third is the ability of the locals to communicate with foreigners. Communication is important between the locals and the foreigners because there should be a medium to allow both individuals understand what they want to express with each other. Without effective communication, tourists are going to be challenged with the way they are going to express and understand issues with the locals of the area regarding the place, values, and routine (Neuman, 2015).


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