What Is The Relationship Between Social Class And Education (Essay Sample)

Relationship between Social Class and Education

The social class of an individual is defined by the amount of wealth that they have. As well, such wealth is highly depended on the level of education of an individual because getting a good job requires a person to have high levels of education. Therefore, social class is directly depended on an individual’s education.

In the education system, people are taught how to be responsible human beings both in the family and job market. Therefore, people who work hard to achieve their educational qualifications end up in a better position in the competitive edge of the job market. As a result, such individuals end up securing the best jobs that are highly paying. In regard to such huge amount of wealth, such people end up in a high social class within the society. In most cases, the individuals interact with people of their same social class. On the other hand, individuals who do not achieve relatively high qualifications in the education system end up working in less paying job levels. Their level of income is, in turn, reflected in the amounts of wealth that they will have and the level of the social class of the individuals that they will associate with. Therefore, the relationship between social class and education in this case is that, people of different educational qualifications belong to different social classes.

In addition, given the fact that the education system teaches morals and ethics, then the higher the education level of an individual, the better the morals and ethics they will have. As a result, such individuals will find it easy to interact with individuals with the same education level since they understand one another’s character and behavior better as compared to people with different education levels. As well, people who have passed through the higher levels of the education system will exhibit certain characters and behaviors hence making it difficult for them to interact with the most learned individuals. Therefore, the two groups of individuals will belong to the different social classes respectively in terms of their education level. An individual’s level of education is important in determining their social class because it gives a reflection of how they deal with issues in real life situations. The level of education, also, plays a substantial part in judging the intelligence of an individual hence resulting to the various groups of social classes because human beings have to understand one another in order to cope with real life situations.

Typically, individuals expect the children from high class families to exhibit excellent performance in the education system. As well, those from middle class families are expected to be average while those from low class families are normally associated with low chances of succeeding in the education system. Therefore, this is evidence that social class has a huge relationship with an individual’s educational success. In rare cases, is the social class of an individual not reflected in the educational system since some individuals from low class families can access student’s loans to fund their education. As a result, this brings about success in the educational system and, in turn, changing them from low class individuals to high class individuals.

Concisely, understanding an individual’s social class background plays a substantial role in determining their chances of success in regard to education. On the other hand, the performance of an individual in the education system can be used as a determinant of the individual’s social class in the future. Therefore, the social class of an individual definitely has a relationship with their education either directly or indirectly.

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