What Is The Relationship Between Health And Psychology (Essay Sample)

What is the Relationship between Health and Psychology

When one is considered as healthy, this does not only refer to his or her physical health, this is also referring to the psychological well-being of an individual. There is important relationship between health and psychology and there is a need to understand this in order for an individual to be in touch with his or her own well-being that would to being healthy, in a well-rounded context.

Physical health is important because this is the measure of how we are able to go about the things that we do every day. Being healthy can be equated to being functional in our day to day tasks. Without this capacity to function daily, we will have a hard time dealing with the things that we face every day. Aside from physical health, we should also have a deep understanding of our mental and emotional well-being. To be functional physically, we should also have a sound mind. This is the importance of positive outlook in life. There are many factors that surround us that can have a grave effect on our dispositions in life. This is how psychology says that in order to be healthy, we must give attention to also taking care of our mental health.

Living a healthy lifestyle should not only focus on the physical activities we do. Although we should not discredit the role of physical activities in enriching our minds too; studies say that exercising increases dopamine or the so-called happy hormones in our brain. What we need to do is to recognize the link between health and psychology so we can devise strategies in living a healthy life with a healthy mind and body. In achieving peace of mind, it is important to recognize the capacity of stress to debilitate us. There are many factors where stress roots from and usually we cannot avoid these. In these cases, the best thing to do is to have a strategy in dealing with these kinds of stressful situations. Truthfully, these situations may sometimes leave us down and not all of us know how to cope when it comes to these cases. In light of this, it is also important to shed light on the effects of mental health issues on our physical health. Some people who have mental health issues usually have a hard time in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, much more being physically fit. This is because their mind is hindering them from taking care of themselves. Mental illnesses, as a whole, always have a direct effect on how an individual handles himself or herself. Most who deal with these issues are not able to keep up with a healthy diet. There are some eating disorders that heavily affect the physical well-being of a person, both in short term and long term. This is very saddening because most people who have mental health issues cannot easily access mental health care. Without such care, their conditions only grow worse and their bodies take a toll on them by making their bodies weaker day by day.

It is difficult to maintain being healthy in a time where our surroundings carry so many stressful things. It is true that only the greatly privileged individuals are able to afford healthy lifestyles. Other people simply cannot have enough time to make sure that they are physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. This is why there should be a deeper understanding on the value of mental health in connection with physical health. Through this, people would be able to maybe give even the littlest time dedicated to evaluating our personal health.

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