What Is Philosophy According To Socrates (Essay Sample)

Philosophy According To Socrates

Philosophy is an educational topic that employs reasons and logics in order to be able to understand what’s real and enables one to be in a position of answering basic questions about knowledge, life and the nature of human. Although Socrates declared that he didn’t have answers to any questions that he raised, his point of view and methods of philosophy became the core of what we term as philosophy today. He never wrote anything because according to him knowledge was something that a person gained through the normal living and interacting with people. Ideally what we know about Socrates comes from Plato, a very important person in the history of Greek. This article grants the overview of Socrates, who he was, his views and his claimed methods of knowledge.

Socrates’ originality is Athens, and he comes from a middle class family. He was an incredible philosopher who had a great impact on people and he taught in the streets about the philosophy of life openly to anyone who cared to listen and further challenged people who were viewed as wise at that time by asking simple questions that had difficult answers. His philosophy clearly declared that everyone is responsible for their own decent values. He taught with an aim of portraying truth by understanding the elements that make up good life. He came up with the idea that a person should try and understand himself instead of trying to understand the universe. His teachings, methods of philosophy and famous debates later became the foundation of what philosophy is today.

He was skilled in the art of urging since he had developed his own method of winning every debate. He further urged that things like beauty and strength can benefit humans but harm them at the same time if they are not accompanied by knowledge and consciousness. He famously declared that no one makes a mistake knowingly and that it is difficult for anyone to simultaneously do what is wrong when they clearly know what is right. He is so attached to the theme that ruling is some form of art and explained that just like the way a doctor brings desired results for his patient, so should a ruler bring desired results in his subject. Philosophy is complicated on its own but the main point is for revelation of truth. Socrates states that looking for truth is a decisive matter of justice because to make justice means discovering the truth otherwise it would mean unjust. He stressed that people should strive for true values of their lives through careful examination of the human life. In the ancient times, there was a puzzle concerning the status of happiness hence he insisted that finding inner happiness makes life worth living thus the significance of happiness or fulfilling goals should be done without hurting themselves or others.

Interestingly, Socrates didn’t boast of knowing answers to all questions and he openly presented them for debate to everyone. Since he never wrote any of his teaching own, he rather engaged his students and in turn Plato one of his student’s reconstructed all his discussions in huge sets of writing. He argued that the source of genuine knowledge came from uncovering the comprehensive definitions such as love and justice.

In conclusion

It was truth that he loved, craved and believed in; he was in search of honesty as the main point of human life and the life of a genuine philosopher. People got influenced thus his ideas and teachings became popular which later became the foundation of the western philosophies.

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