What Is Perception And Why Is It Important? (Essay Sample)

In general, perception is the ability to sense or be aware of anything based on the two senses sight and hearing. Anyone, so as long as their cognitive ability still functions, regardless of whether or not it is efficient, he or she still has perception.

Why is it important though?

Think of a situation when your judgment is needed. Say for example you are a doctor and the diagnosis taken says that your patient has terminal illness. You offer medicine to the patient but they refuse to take it whereas the family wants you to try anything that can help prolong the patient’s life. What would be your call? Do you want to save the patient even though they do not want to be saved or not?

Perception is one of the key components for judgment so as it is for other things such as analyzing. Data can come in so many forms but the most common ones are those that you see. In analyzing data such as statistical data, you must be aware of every little number/data that comes by to make an efficient analysis.

Other than that, perception is pivotal in giving everything a sound interpretation. In this perspective, you use your perception in order to understand the world around you such as how the stop light functions in controlling pedestrians, or why people get angry for simple things.

Perception is also known to help in the molding of a person’s characters and attitude. Due to experience, a person can perceive the emotions he or she felt at the time to know other emotions or characteristics such as love, hate, and kindness.

Other things about perception include the definition of happiness for what someone feels for another. We all have that one thing in life that can satisfy us no matter what we do and we love doing it. For example, you love the idea of falling in love then so be it. You may even love the art of earning money so you do everything in your power to earn money.

Perception is also important in the religious faith. Perception is used for religion in believing their God(s). Perception can also help you differentiate your own religion from others by studying or experiencing them yourselves.

Lastly, perception can help a person shape their goals and what they want to happen in their lives. Perception is anything that initiates elements such as beginnings, mid, and endings in life. Perception can make you visual what you want be it a doctor, a lawyer, a pilot, an engineer or anything in life.

Perception is cannot be bound, cannot be limited. Much like your dreams in life. Perception is not something that should be taken for granted, especially if you have a keen sense for it. Perception can be used in so many ways and can be advantageous as discussed earlier.

In essence, perception is such an important aspect of a person’s life that to hone and use perception to your advantage can not only mold you as a person but also create your future. After all, what better way to go through life with assurance on what to go with, why to go with them, and how to go about them?

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