What Does It Take To Be a Good Parent? (Essay Sample)

What Does It Take To Be a Good Parent?


Parenting by intuition is one of the major subjects of public debate. Studies have indicated that there is consistency in the way parenting is supposed to be undertaken. Gut reactions, are not the only way to handle scenarios. Instincts are a way of understanding how issues are bound to be solved. The relationship that a parent shares with his children counts a lot. Everybody is supposed to know exactly the repercussions of the relationship that is. A parent-child relationship is key to the success of a meaningful family relationship. Children never forget the encounter that they have with their parents. To be a good parent calls for commitment and precision in all undertakings that are family oriented. Trust develops in a very early age of a child’s life which is an undertaking of a good parent. Care should be taken so that no too much love is given to a child in the name of being a “good” parent. Affection is something very different from the loving that so many people hope to idolise. A good parent is one who has tenets that can guide and link behavior to actions.

For someone to be called a good parent, calls for total commitment and involvement in a child’s life which is not an easy task. Priorities will be set as a family, in which a child has to grow in. There is no other place that a child calls home apart from what you set for him/her. A child is meant to develop mentally and physically with the help of a parent. What a daunting task!  A good parent will follow through the cycle of a child’s development. This is so because as age progresses, change in behavior is eminent. A three year old is different from a thirteen year-old kid. As a good parent, all the changes emanating from a child’s development should be under a microscope at all times. It is an expectation of all parents that their children can express their self-esteem. If not, it will be a worrisome encounter.

Good parenting calls for an established system of rules that all the children are supposed to follow. The standard that is set in a family setup, serves as a guide for a focused expectation that any parent would yearn to have. A good parent will always give independence to the child at a very tender age, so that as they grow, they understand what they are doing based on the expectations of any given community. As a parent with good intentions, it is ordered to practice consistency in all the ventures that you get attached to, especially when a child is involved. Children grow up following exactly what they see and expect of their parents. Parents who communicate proper authority, however sour, it sounds to their children, command a great deal of respect. The power of wisdom is what distinguishes a parent from a father or a mother. Parenting is not motherhood or fatherhood rather it is what moulds a child from infancy to adulthood with the right set of mind and focus.


It is not advisable to hit a child hard with an aim of correcting him or her. Use reasonable means of counsel, lest you receive counter results for an intended proper cause. Good parenting is a virtue and as such, proper care should be put in place because real lives, of real people are involved, however young they might be.

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