What Biology Means To Me (Essay Sample)


Biology is always understood as the study of life because it affects our daily living and the will to become familiar with the issues that we encounter in our lives. The issue about biology is the ability of to learn and understand the behavior of a certain species or ecosystems. This is because we always need to understand how life forms behave with each other, which is a must for every person who wants to appreciate the behavior of the ecosystem. Each day, we usually observe the biological processes in our environment, especially when we are outdoors. These are the wild creatures wherein it visibly presents the way their connection with each other in the process of having a sustainable way of improving their productive influence to the ecosystem.

Biology means important to me because as a human, I am able to learn different species of animals that regularly establish a relationship that is distinct with their behavior and application of norms. In this process, I realized that biology influences our ability to survive in this world. The reason behind is that animals are a great source of food supply to every human species on the planet. As a food source, biological processes present the relationship between humans and the food supply that starts from the producer to the consumer. We are obviously at the peak of the food chain because we consume the food supply that is the animals. Plants act as the main source of food supply for the animals because there are animals that consume pure food while humans use animals as part of their diet through agricultural processes in their community.

As a human, the processes of biology have a network of relationship that presents a better way for the society to improve its goals and services. It is important to know the role of the producers because it is where we analyze the importance of having a food supply. The plant species is obviously at the bottom of the food chain because they provide nutritious food supply to the higher level of biological species. Minute species such as insects and the plankton are the second bottom of the list that consumes the plants. Insects are the middle of the food chain, consuming plankton specie. The next is the larger animals that are also the second highest top of the food chain. This is followed by the humans that can consume all levels of the food chain, making it at the topmost level.

In biology, there are concerning issues that are associated with manmade activities. The food supply is slowly depleted for the reason that it is influenced by the growing population of humans around the globe. The growing population of humanity needs to expand their existence and residences across the uninhabited areas because they need to sustain their longevity. This means that it generates a conflict of relationship with biological species because there are consequences of human activities such as destroying the natural habitat. Mining is one example on how humans are slowly polluting the natural habitat of plants and animals. The growing number of population changes the ecosystem patterns, depleting the available source of food supply, which prevents basic needs to be produced by our producers such as the plants and animal species around the world (Serafini, 2013).


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