What Are Some Key Personality Features That Define You (Essay Sample)

There are many features which can define a person, even for someone like me, for example; however, there are some key personality features which define me. Personalities include being overly generous, or so my friends say, workaholic so I barely had any social life, practical, intelligent (I got told so, again), and sweet like chocolate.

Well, how am I overly generous, exactly? I honestly do not think of myself as generous in anyway but more on the philanthropic side since I am more bound to share my blessings for the poor. As for my friends, they think I am overly generous since they I have shared some of my wealth to help them start their businesses or should they have any financial troubles as well as I give a little too much for the poor. But yes, for me, I honestly believe that since I have so many blessings in life, I am also obligated to share my earnings for those who are marginalized and have a rough life.

Workaholic. For me, being workaholic is part of a person’s every day life. I hate it when I am at home doing nothing, unless I take my one month vacation every three or four years to relax from the toxic life of being in the hospital and in the office. Being a workaholic, I am generally in love with my work, and I aspire to work harder every day to be able to meet my dreams, provide for my wife, and family and help those who are poor and cannot feed themselves. Being a workaholic also helps me establish profound and harmonious relationships with other business personalities, especially in my field of medical practitioners and specialists since it not only works for me financially but also physically since I have experienced getting hefty discounts on pharmaceutical factors and medical aide by specialists whom I have little to no knowledge of treating myself or my family.

My wife says I am practical so I will believe her. She told me that I am practical since even though we have this huge sum of wealth in our pockets and in the bank, she has told me that I have never spoilt myself unless she says so and/or when we are to go to a major event which obligates me to dress “properly” or when I surprise her or the kids. For the most part, I do tend to spoil my kids rotten but in my defense, they have always performed greatly in school so who am I to not reward them correctly? Be it a toy or a gadget, they name it so as long as I am positively reinforcing as a parent should be.

Intelligent. This got me thinking. Am I intelligent? I remember performing poorly in college but I did perform well in medical school, internship, residency and so on. I guess you can say I am rather bookish but I can never top my wife who is more intelligent than I am, especially in how it means to be truly practical and know and understand other people like she does. I guess I am intelligent book wise but never that practical.

And lastly, sweet. Okay, I admit that I do love my wife solely and my kids like they are a part of me but I do love to surprise them often, especially my wife. As a married person, I must always make sure that our marriage is intact and keeps on getting stronger and lovelier so to surprise my wife unexpectedly and seeing her sweet smile every time she sees what I have done for her is pleasurably sweet for me and I will continue to treat her as that.

What about you? What are some key personalities that define you?

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