Wealth More Important Than Health (Essay Sample)

Wealth more important than Health

Health refers to the physical, mental, physiological and emotional well-being of an individual. Ideally, it is a gift from God, and it cannot be influenced by affluence or hierarchical status in the universe. Every living creature should examine their health and appreciate God every time they have it. It is the single most blessing that wealth cannot influence. Occasionally, the greed caused by the extreme pursuit of wealth and material possession may damage the spiritual conscience in people. However, it is possible to conquer the whole world but fail to see the light of day due to deteriorated health status.

Philosophers have critiqued why some people would value wealth than their health. Most importantly, when a person has languished in poverty for long, then they tend to worship wealth over his life. Wealth is of particular importance to promote healthy living standards though it should come second to good health. People need money to fulfil their lavish desires. Though wealth can influence individuals’ health, buy medicine and food. Buy clothes and fruits. Build or rent high-end cars for a comfortable lifestyle. Access to the small pleasures of life alongside tight security. The ugliest truth is that wealth can never be a fundamental priority over health.

According to philosophers’ dispensation of wisdom and knowledge, health is more paramount than wealth. Critically, health is the necessary condition regardless of the status. However, wealth is a choice which can either be temporary or permanent in individuals’ lives. Fruitful and happy lifestyle can be achieved only with good health. Additional wealth may be needed to achieve the long dreams and desires in life. Though it is optional and one can decide to live without them. The inevitable idea here is that people need health to plan and execute their minds. Wealth will just hasten an individual to meet an obligation.

Wealth is a temporary status that can be achieved once a person is healthy. More fundamentally, one must have a stable and sound mind to achieve and acquire sufficiently enough wealth necessary for happy living. On the other hand, nobody has entitlement for good health despite the possessions. There are emerging illnesses with no cure yet people have money and right of access to various technological services. Indeed wealth does not always translate to healthy and happy living. In facts, accruing more wealth in the society makes people feel unsafe. Living with fears of the unknown since they can be kidnapped may speedily harm their health and kill them slowly. Also, without having everlasting peace and relaxed, how can one enjoy their wealth? It is true that where there is health, there is life. However, wealthy individuals have uneasy feelings of safety which deny them good health.

Getting and sustaining wealth is another stress in many families today. In most cases, people get very committed to acquiring wealth. Some even persevere the jail term and forget how to enjoy the little wealth. Others are too busy to gain wealth and ignore about their health. Indeed, the pursuit of wealth may negatively influence the spiritual and physical health of people. The greatest problem with this is that the possession may simply benefit the heirs and not the primary owner.

Finally, according to the sociologists’ reports, healthy people have a longer lifespan and happy lifestyle than rich cartels. Money pressure often consumes the cartels. Their wealth and possessions often make their life uncomfortable because they have to foresee every possible eventuality. Their mind and conscience will forever think of how to generate extra income and protect them. The misconception that money could enhance healthy living is erroneous. It is unfortunate that young men struggle to earn much but waste all the money on treatment.

In conclusion and based on the above facts and pieces of evidence, it is better to be healthy rather than being wealthy. With good health, one can do everything to meet their demands and get rich. However, it is erroneous to work hard, forget the health and later spent the entire saving inpatient. Most importantly, it is good to remember always that money cannot buy health.

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