Weakness Of The Humanistic Theory (Essay Sample)

Weakness of the Humanistic Theory

This view contends that you are allowed to pick your conduct, instead of responding to ecological jolts and reinforcers. Issues managing confidence, self-satisfaction, and requirements are principal. The real concentration is to encourage self-improvement. Two outstanding scholars related with this view are Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. On the other hand, Carl Rogers feels that every individual works from a one of a kind casing of reference as far as building Self-Regard or their self-idea. Self Concept is one’s particular conviction about themselves. These beliefs stem, to a limited extent, from the thought of Unconditional Positive Regard and Conditional Positive Regard. Unlimited positive respect happens when people, particularly guardians, show free love. The adapted active connection is the point at which that adoration appears just to come when certain conditions are met. Rogers hypothesis expresses that mentally healthy individuals appreciate life without limitations. Consequently, they are viewed as completely working people.

Abraham Maslow feels that people have certain necessities that must be met in a progressive form, from the most reduced to most elevated. These incorporate fundamental needs, wellbeing needs, love and having a place needs, accomplishment needs, and eventually, Self-Actualization. As indicated by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the requirements must be accomplished altogether. For example, one would be not able to satisfy their wellbeing needs if their physiological needs have not been met. He is considered as the father of brain science because of his great research of the brain in a bid to establish the concept of free choice. On his research on the hierarchy of needs, the scholar had too much worries on a persons ability to achieve the self-realization stage in a society. According to him, self realization is condition where man has already attained his unusual capability. In this case, man has the ability to achieve greater heights in the society more than what he thought he could achieve. In some case, this concept may be invalid because it is not easier to reach such a stage in life without incorporating hard work and good decision making in life.

Maslow contribution to the humanistic approach is significant and plays a major role in educating the people on need of understanding the human needs. In addition, we are able to the approach to achieve greater heights in life through a certain formula. However, despite the critique that his work has faced, we cannot assume his contribution. One of the weakness identified in his work is on the concept that the self-realized individuals have a sound identity and are well in terms of mental well-being. In addition, the fact that Maslow agues about the mental examination has not yet been proved scientifically thus raising the question of accuracy on the issue. This implies that Maslow’s seems to have just concluded to his decision without conducting an extensive research on the issue hence a great weakness on the approach. In summary, Abraham Maslow is among the great people who have contributed to the humanistic approach by providing valid arguments on human needs. He tends to focus on the mind of an individual and his ability to achieve in life. However, there are a number of weaknesses that have been identified in this study because of failure of conducting more research on the issue.

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