We All Fall Down (Essay Sample)

Before we learn to run or jump, we first learn how to walk and in the process of learning how to walk, most often of those time we tend to fall, but even if we already know how to walk, run and jump falling down is still part of our life. But don’t get it wrong, falling physically isn’t what I am trying to explain but the idea in life that all of us had, is and will fall down from time to time. But upon falling down there is a great lessons we need to understand and great experiences to treasure.

We need to face the hard and bitter truth that no one is this world is an exception to failure, even the those who we consider the greatest of all time on every sports or whatever field in life had experience a defeat or a loss, may not be on their field of expertise but at some point in a particular thing they had fall down. That is the most important thing to understand in life, that no matter high you can jump or leap you’ll end up still on the flat ground and experience certain defeat. When you learn to accept and understand this fact in your life, you’ll stop worrying and regretting because you know that if you don’t do your best on your part you will always end up falling down. Another thing to think about is when we fall down, there is always a lesson to keep. These lessons in life, maybe went us very rough and hard but if it doesn’t kill you it only means it’s there to improve you and make you stronger and so, you have to figure out what is wrong why you fall down and what should be done to rise again. Also, in this journey of our life when we are at the lowest we shall see who among them, friends, family or strangers shall stay with us and help us to carry through because true relationships aren’t tested on diversity it is tested when trials, tribulations and howling terrors of our life has come over. We need to remember those people and be grateful that they are there because having them around us weighs more than any gold or treasure in this planet. To add more, falling down in life makes us feel the different side of humanity. It isn’t healthy always being on the top and not feel it the bottom, because we shall have hard time understanding other’s people feeling when they are down too And being fall down in life makes it more satisfying when you are able to reach high. Being in a state of falling down, is also a good experience because at some point when you reach the hard rock bottom and the worst of worst had come passed you cannot just expect any harder because you made it through and can only wait for the better days to come soon.

“When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back up” Was one of the famous lines given by motivational speaker Les Brown when he talked about what needs to be done when have fallen down in life. Our very reason to hold on, to get back up and to fight over again must be greater than our circumstances. To develop a conviction that no matter how hard hits us we shall rise again and prove them wrong.

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