Water Is Precious (Essay Sample)

Water is precious

Water is precious since it is one of the most basic commodities that sustain the life of human beings, animals and plant. Without water, it would be impossible for any form of life to exist in the universe. Close to 75% of the Earth is covered with salt water, while 2% of the surface contains frozen water. However, despite the abundance of this commodity, only 1% of the Earth’s water is fresh, and this stresses the significance of conserving this precious commodity.

Significance Of Conserving Water

Despite of the watery abundance of the Earth, studies indicate that only 1% of water is fresh and good for human usage. The natural recycling process of water, also referred to as the water cycle, has ensured that the volume of water has remained relatively the same for millions of years. However, with increased population and human development, demand for fresh water has expanded drastically and this has put immense pressure on the ability of the earth to provide adequate water for human consumption. Over the years, studies have revealed that this precious commodity has been scarce and unable to fulfill the ever increasing demand. This implies that although the biggest percentage of the earth’s surface is covered by water, looks may be deceiving since this vast volume of water cannot be utilized for the benefit of human beings.

Water is basically used for fulfilling variety of human needs including drinking, cooking, cleaning, transportation, and usage in different types of industries established by man. It should be noted that for an individual who weighs approximately 45 kilograms, 32 kilograms of his body is made up of water. The fact that a seventh of the human body contains water implies that this commodity is of huge significance and its importance cannot be over-emphasized. To remain healthy, human beings should drink approximately two liters (eight gallons) or eight glasses of water on a daily basis. Another important significance of water is based on the duration within which an individual can survive without water. Studies indicate that humans can survive for almost one month without eating, but it is very hard to go for more than one week without drinking water.

Evidence suggests that although water is one of the most precious commodities, it is also a highly undervalued resource. Since the beginning of life, human beings have settled along water sources such as rivers, lakes, and oceans and this emphasizes the importance of conserving water. For instance, Seine River in France, Nile River in Africa, and Lake Texcoco have been instrumental in the survival of the populations who live near these water bodies. Therefore, water conservation not only controls and influences human settlements, but it also impacts on the activities which are undertaken by people. There are numerous strategies that can be used to conserve water. For instance, rain water can be captured in dams to ensure that supply is consistent during dry seasons. In addition, eliminating emission of pollutants in rivers plays a key role in preventing the destruction of freshwater sources. Lastly, recycling of water is of huge significance in ensuring that people who live in highly populated urban areas have a fresh supply of fresh water. Basically, water is a precious commodity that cannot be substituted for anything else since it defines the difference between life and death.

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