Watching TV Makes You Smarter (Essay Sample)

Watching TV Makes you Smarter

Television became at least known to people in the late 1920s. Several years later after world war two, it became significant since technology improved and consumers in United States of America and Britain stated to emulate the same. since then technology has improved in the 21 century and watching television programs has indeed played a major role in improving the lifestyle and knowledge to people. In this generation today around 90% of people living, have watched a program in the television or have seen a television. Everyday people watch their favorite program, sports, news, drama, movies or even reality shows. There are various programs that influence bad behavior to both children and adults. Such programs should not be watched. Programs that influence violence or bad behavior should be watched with a person who is intelligent enough not to be influenced or with the right age group. However, most programs are educative for instance, discovery science. Such programs increase one’s intelligence and as a result one becomes smarter. This essay seeks to explain who television has influenced smartness to people.

In a day people spend their time in their various activities, this include work, learning and other mans activity. Watching television reduces the stress that is involved but someone engaging in an activity. It reduces one to be bored and by watching also one’s mind is relabeled. For instance, comedy programs like extravaganza make one’s body to relax and entertain the mind. This reduces the tiredness or stress due to the daily activity one engages in. It also improves on intelligence. TV series such as lost, Battlestar Galactica and heroes require on to pay real attention for one to understand. Such attention improves one’s thinking capability of analyzing situation, and makes one smart in thinking. Programs like documentaries about schools, places scientific research and history makes one to understand various places and how things came to existence. Far places and areas one cannot easily access can be well understood by watching television. Learning about various types of cooking style has been ease by HGTV and food network. One can improve his or her skill in cooking by watching programs in that network. This improves ones smartness in the field of food and beverage. Watching television is educational and informative. Channels for example discover, history channel, and national geographic, can be educational same as one going to school to learn .this is seen when one can increase his knowledge about science field or history. As a result watching TV increases ones smartness. It creates awareness in people. There are movies and series or even programs that make us be aware of certain important things. Social economic divide, stoke and cast system increase awareness of such issues. This is seen in movies like” teacher student”. Such movies help one build the consciousness of how people with different disabilities behave and how they are supposed to be treated. As a result one improves his intelligence and smartness. It is inspiring to watch inspiration channels containing life inspiration. One can learn of how people became heroes or legends. Through such, one can be inspired in doing or engaging in an activity that sees him prosper. Also it inspires one’s mind to achieve big in his career. Due to such advantage I strongly believe one can be smarter by watching TV channels with vital programs.

In conclusion, watching TV makes one smarter in life. One can improve his knowledge, intelligence, and increase smartness. Channels like discovery science improve one’s scientific knowledge. Watching TV series like “lost” makes one to pay much attention in order to understand the content of the series. By such one becomes smaller since he or she can transform the same to real life by critically thinking over situation one can be passing in life. Stress relief can be achieved by watching comedy or inspiration movies. This helps one to get over stress or makes one’s body to relax due to the laughter and encouragement that comes in by watching such TV programs. However, with the right audience and age TV influence positive impact on someone’s life.

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