Wars Are A Good Way To End Conflicts (Essay Sample)

Wars are a good way to end conflicts

Looking back at the long history our country, it is clear that through several decades of conflict. Many wars have been fought that have resulted in a more organized society.  The organized society has resulted in higher living standards and economic growth that could not have been witnessed without wars.  Wars are  a good way to end conflicts because it makes people safer. We live in countries that have been shaped by wars, for decades, many wars have been fought for different reasons. Whether for retaliation or resources war is a fact of life that we can never wish away. In certain circumstances, going to war can be the only option left, especially if another country comes to invade, you have the power to retaliate.   Most people fight for freedom and democracy, but others fight to remain in power.

Even though the war is the worst imaginable way of creating a peaceful society, but at times war is necessary. There was no way that the Roman Empire could have been in existence without killing the Greeks. Similarly, the US  could not have been built without killing the Native Americans. There were several conflicts that could not be solved through discussion; instead, using force was the only option. Many countries could not have attained independence unless the colonies were forced to hand over the leadership of these countries. War was the only way to defeat the enemy to gain respect.

Wars can be the only way to resolve some of the problems, for instance, because of the  war America was able to pull out of the great depression because they invented new equipment giving the economic advantage over other countries. During the early centuries,  Britain was the only industrialized country and projected its power as far as India and other Asian countries . Because of its wealth, Britain used its power to deter any country from threatening the international peace.  By engaging in war, Britain maintained peace all over the world.

War can be the best way to attain freedom and end suffering; war is good because of it free citizens from bad rulers who want to take over the world and power hungry. War for freedom if justifiable. In situations where another country tries to invade it, neighbor, fighting is the only solution to gain respect. Otherwise, people can be slaves. That is why many people prefer fighting to defend their nation at all cost. If someone threatens your existence,  it is necessary to go to war to defend yourself.

Terrorism is a constant problem with several terrorist organizations being operated by quasi-states.  All forms of negotiation have failed in the past to put an end to terrorism. Since terrorism becomes a threat to many citizens, fighting terrorism is the only way to end this vice. Even though many people condemn killing of innocent people, war becomes necessary to restore order in the society. War is a good way of ending the conflict because it brings people together as countries unite to form allies to defeat their opponents.

For example, France and England have  enjoyed good friendship after the Second World War because they were close allies. Britain and France fought side by side to defeat their aggressors. Since then, the two countries have shared resources, hence improving their economy. Many scholars believe that after the World War II Europe has become a more peaceful place than it was before the war. True stability cannot be achieved without war, war forces positive changes in many countries that are why war is the best way to end conflicts.

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