Visit The Old Folks’ Home (Essay Sample)

Visit the Old Folks’ Home

Family is the most important basic unit in the society and these are the people who will be with you through thick and thin or whatever complicated circumstances you go through. They are always there to see you through. A family is usually composed of a father, mother, brother, and sister also known as the nuclear family. The extended family includes the grandmother, grandfather and uncles. The people comprising this unit are not perfect, they make mistakes and commit many blunders but one thing that makes this smallest social community special is the love and acceptance of each other. The family helps you when you are sick, having problems at school or encountering dilemma at work. They are the first to run to your aid when you are hurt, lack financial assistance and in need of protection. The parents are the very counselor and guide to the children and while they are still young, they have all the strength to carry heavy burdens and fix issues. The parents also provide food and shelter to the children and are responsible for making sure that they finish their education and receive a degree in education which could later on help the kids acquire the perfect career choice. The parents are also called as “Old Folks”, especially once they grow old and reach the age of 60 to 70 yrs old. These are the years when the children start living their own lives and live separately from their families to provide for themselves. It has been a sad and common practice that the elders or so-called Old Folks are placed in nursing homes with nurses and doctors who are not their relatives to take care of them.

Benefits of Visiting the Old Folks’ Home

It says a thousand words when children do visit their old folks’ home. It shows that they treasure their parents and love them, love them that much that they take time to visit and check on them, how they are doing and if they need food, medicine or clothes. It is a practice in most Asian countries for children to take care of their parents once they grow old. This is a sign of gratefulness for all the sacrifices that they have made and all the expenses given to take care of children. This is a positive character and trait in an individual since there is reverence and respect in the heart. A sense of gratefulness for all the kindness that their parents have shown to them and a deeper understanding of how life must be perceived. Visiting the Old Folks’ home are one of the coolest highlights in life. The smell of the fireplace, the soft carpet on the floor, hot chocolate that’s sizzling in the kitchen are all fond memories that will be treasured forever while the parents are still alive. We only get one shot in life and we have to use it wisely with the deepest respect and love for the people who took care of us when we were young. To return the favor despite the fact that they are not asking for any form of payback but to see their children grow up with happy lives and successful career. This builds up personality, kindness and a heart to do good. There are many ways of showing how much you love your old folks and it is not only through financial support but also being physical there with them in times when they need you the most. The old folks are more sensitive when they grow older and they would love to know that their children love them and care for them.

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