Vision For The Nation (Essay Sample)

Vision for the Nation

In order to have a concrete vision for the nation, one must know the true meaning of nationalism. Having a vision for the nation is having an optimistic view for the development of the nation for the betterment of the society. This is never personal. The true sense of nationalism lies in a collective perspective that spans the interests of everyone which is directed to the common greater good.

On the Democracy of the Nation

A democracy means that each citizen has a voice in his or her nation. This ensures all citizens’ rights in the society. In a democracy, people are able to voice out their views and opinions especially with regards to politics. In a time where oppression and fascism is present, democracy will still be flawed. There would always be loopholes and there are instances that there are individuals who still struggle day by day to achieve their rights.

On Oppression

In a society where economy, culture and politics clash with each other, many issues come to the surface that reflects the existent turmoil in the society. Everywhere in the world, racism exists. Not all are given equal rights because there are individuals who still hold higher levels of privileges over others. In the United States, African Americans are continued to be discriminated. History has already been harsh to them and up until present, they still have a hard time in fitting in with the society. Cases of police brutality directed to African American individuals in their own communities were alarming because this is reflective of the persistence of racial oppression in the society. In light of this, it is important to call for the genuine recognition of everyone’s identity, without discrimination. If this will be achieved, it is expected that somehow, understanding can be achieved and turmoil can be lessened.

There are also nations that have high cases of poverty and in these nations there is a clear juxtaposition between the rich and the poor. Most times, the rich are only a handful few while the poor can account for more than 80% of the population. The rich population at 20% is composed of big business owners, bureaucrats and the likes which capitalize on people in order to gain more money. This dichotomy presents in the society shows a nation which is divided by political and economic structures that are built to further oppress those who are already suffering. A vision for the nation in this context should be something that concretely identifies that root of poverty. Also, it is clear that the goal is for the people to take their role as members of the society and demand the government to give them what they need which is supposed to be the government’s job.

Building a Sense of Nationalism

Nationalism, as a concept, may be intimidating to many. For people who seem to be convinced that they are already occupied with the many things they do every day, nationalism seems to be too big of a concept to be upheld. But for other people who has grown to be vigilant to the society they are in, nationalism is so easy to understand from a personal stance towards a more collectivized perspective. Building a vision of the nation requires empathy and concrete analysis of everything that surrounds us. Through this, a strong understanding of the sociopolitical, economic and cultural underpinnings of the society will be achieved which will lead to recognizing the hindrances and possible milestones to be conquered when it comes to achieving a nation that is no longer filled with hate, oppression  and inequality.

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