Violence Breeds Violence (Essay Sample)


Violence is the application of excessive force towards a person or an object with the intention of pushing to gain attention or to get something that one has or does not have a right to but in one way or the other believes he or she should have. Violence can happen when citizens of a country rise and decide to act forcefully to have the government heed to their voices by carrying out violent demonstrations against the government. It could and does happen when governments and in most cases governments ruled by dictators as they force their citizens to remain quiet as they forcefully push forth in implementing their selfish agendas which are contrary to the interests of the citizens. Violence does not only occur in the context of citizens and governments but does also occur in the context of the family when parents are involved in violent acts such as fighting.

Violence comes with many detrimental effects with people losing lives and property. When this happens, it results in breeding of inbuilt and lasting pain to the victims. When a government exerts force to its citizens, there continually exists the feeling that the government is an enemy to the people and the occurrence of resistance from the people is definite. If the violence is from the side of the citizens, the government will usually face challenges as it tries to bring development projects and policies to its people. In most countries where there has been occurrence of wars, it has been such that providing a lasting solution is almost close to impossible; the people are almost always prepared for war at the least provocation. Children born in war torn countries in most cases also scheme for wars or turn violent against those purported to be their enemies once they are grown up. This results from the feeling of being treated unfairly and that their people have been intimidated for long and thus some may turn to violent as a revenge cause. In the context of the family, children who are brought up in families with violent parents who are occasionally involved in domestic battles will most likely turn violent as they grow up and controlling them can never be a simple task.

Even though violence exercised upon the people by the government or regime can offer a momentary solution to a problem, a time will come when those who suffered the scathe of the violence will retaliate in violence. It has been a commonplace occurrence for regimes dominated by a particular community and especially the developing countries such as in Africa to oppress the citizens from the communities that oppose their regime. A time comes when the currently lesser or weak and oppressed community will ascent to power and most likely than not they will return a hand of revenge to their former oppressing brothers.

It is a matter of common sense that if you start war against another person or if a nation prepares to go to war against another nation; the only ultimate result is war breaking out between the two parties. Violence begets violence or violence is the mother of violence is a true phrase. If a nation or regime exercises force and violence against its people, the only sure answer is they are breeding havoc. If people cannot devise means to get what is rightfully theirs and decide to go the violent way, it could take years for peace to make sense to them and the generations to come after them. In the family arena, if the father and mother cannot be a good example to their children by living a life of love and tolerance they can be sure of one thing and that is a breed of violent children and violent future parents.

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